New T-Shirts Available from BRIDE and WEDS NA,

been working on these the whole day.


thanks to Koh-chan for modeling last night 🙂

モデルってくれたコウちゃん有り難う 🙂

and special thanks for extracting the jpg file Yuki!! some how my CS5 deleted the BRIDE logo once converted to jpg from pdf… why? i dont know and i dont want to know lol but yea any ways, Yuki was kind enough to get me the jpg file 🙂 thanks again.

そしてユキjpgに変換してくれてありがとう!!なんでかわからないけどCS5でpdfからjpgにおこせなかった。jpgにするとBRIDEのロゴが消えちゃう…なぜ?わかんないしわかりたくもない(笑。ユキの優しさに有り難うございますです 🙂

yes, the tshirts are out. lot of people been asking for the t-shirts other than those charity ones. oh by the way, we will be getting more of the charity shirts in shortly!! the above t-shirts are $20 each. if you need them let me know.


still have to brush up the ad for PRI.


Beach Side Poto Chootin,

i was at the beach today 🙂 for WEDS’ photo chooting.

今日は海に行ってました 🙂 WEDSさんの撮影ちゃんのために。

some sample from today’s shoot.


shot RAW with the 7D and the Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX plus some DPP work.


thanks 3T Motoring!! John and Jon Jon. i’m Jon too by the way… lol