Kyoei USA

Chari-Tee Update,

we are getting close to closing the deal for the charity t-shirts.


i’m glad that we have a lot of supporters through this act.


we did have our first lot which was sent out to the supporters first. also, 60 pieces will be sent to Japan.


next lot with the finalized design will begin production soon. once the t-shirts are ready, i will again announce it through my blog facebook and twitter.


頑張れJapan T-shirt on Production Now,

just finished brushing up the design of our charity t-shirt!! all profits after the cost will go straight to Japan!! we will not be going through UNICEF nor RED CROSS to forward the money. We are beginning the production of our charity t-shirts. buy them and support Japan 🙂 price per shirt will be $10 USD.

we would like to thank all of you that supported this act of ours.

BRIDE, Boso Garage, Bulletproof Automotive, CUSCO USA, DSPORT, Fuji Auto, High End, Intuned Online, Invision Auto Imports, Kami Speed, Kid’s Automotive, Kyoei USA, LOT USA, Mind’s Corp, Speed For Sale, Speed Star Racing, SSR USA, TANABE USA, Turtle Factory, VERTEX USA, WEDS North America, WPC, and 5 Zigen USA. we appreciate from the bottom of our heart for the support.


Love and Support from the Aftermarket Industries,

we are gathering people to enter the charity t-shirt.


lets show what us after market industries can do for Japan!!


shown are the quick samples front and back of the t-shirt. we currently have Invision Auto Imports, WEDS North America, Kyoei USA, WPC and of course us LOT USA/BRIDE. i do not have the logo yet but we also have TANABE USA, SSR, CUSCO, Intuned Online, and Turtle Factory. thats already $1000 USD for the charity.

上は簡単なサンプル画像です。現状でInvision Auto Imports, WEDS North America, Kyoei USA, WPCそしてもちろん弊社LOT USA/BRIDE。そしてロゴがまだ届いていないですがTANABE USA, SSR, CUSCO, Intuned Online, and Turtle Factoryがサポートしてくれています。これで$1000USDは集まりました。

the names will be sorted in alphabetical order.


lets show love support and respect.


more details will be updated soon.


thank you.