LG KE990

Thanks Kent Takagi-san,

last night, Kent came over to help me fix the pc 🙂 thanks!!

昨夜はケントがPC治しに来てくれましたッ 🙂 マジ有り難うッ!!

o yea, went to the gym before.


here is Kent working on it.


it seems like more then single problem. the calendar for the recovery thingy has been all deleted by the virus… i dont have any record, which means i cannot process the recovery treatment. worst case comes, reinstall windows. im just too lazy to re-install all those applications again!! gotta get the crack code for some of the softwares i use too…sigh~ i will probably be joining the mac club soon 🙂 cant stand windows anymore!!

どうやら一個の問題だけでは無いらしい。リカバリー機能のカレンダー覧が全て削除されてるのねウィルスのせいで…何も履歴が無いの、って事はリカバリー処置が取れないと。最悪の場合は面倒だからウィンドウズ入れなおしかぁ。別にイイんだけど、ソフトとか全部入れなおすのが超面倒くさッ!!クラックのコードとかもまた何個かゲットしなきゃいけないし…あぁ…多分来年はクラブ・マックに参加するかな 🙂 もうウィンドウズ俺無理かもッ!!

while Kent was working on my pc, i was taking pictures… lol


thanks to Bun-san for the Kurokirishima 🙂

ブンさん、黒霧島有り難うございます 🙂

i forgot that my VIEWTY can take panorama pics.


and the time was, 2am already.


Rain Rain Rain,


it rains for a minute, and stops in Torrance… wtf if its gonna rain, RAIN!!!!


my VIEWTY takes kool pics 🙂 hahhaha much better camera then those iPhones!! lol

俺のVIEWTYイイ写真撮るなぁ 🙂 www。そこら辺のiPhoneなんかより全然マシだぜっ!!笑

Friday Night Billiards,

friday night was billiards night at Arirang in Torrance.


Thursday Night Driving Range

another Thursday night driving range at Dominguez Hills Golf Course 🙂


but mang it was raining pretty hard… hahha



19800 Main St.

Carson, CA 90745




*taken with MINOX Leica M3

i got this fish-eye lens 35mm camera as a birthday gift from my friend Sunny 🙂

誕生日プレゼントとして、魚眼レンズの35mmフィルムカメラを友人のサニーからもらった 🙂

*taken with MINOX Leica M3

thats Sunny. say hi to her… lol


*taken with LG KE990 VIEWTY

the lomography fish-eye. got the film in already. i still had some film left overs from my old camera. Canon Rebel 2000. found roll of film so i’ve been snapping around everywhere just like a tourist came to town. me so excited though how should i develop it?? lol well, good thing my scanner/printer has the negative strip reader what-so-ever thingy so i will be fine for now i guess. well, see how it goes.


 thanks Sunny!! 🙂

ありがとうサニー!! 🙂



couple days ago, i came home all drunk. next day i woke and i see my VIEWTY broken!!


wtf mang… lost the spring that was in there too… FAIL. now the dial part does not work… what a grungy cell phone it is now 😦 hmmm… gotta find a way to fix this. it was not cheap at all. for now, i’m using what i used for work. SOFTBANK X01HT. yea another JDM windows mobile. i hate this phone… oh well better then nothing. Brian keeps telling me to get the iPhone lol i dont want iPhone though… so many people has it. imma be a rebel Brian. hahahaha!!

なんなんだよチクショウ…なんかバネが入ってたんだけど、それも失くしちゃった…欠乏です。なんてみすぼらしい携帯になってしまった事でしょう 😦 とにかく、どぅにかして直さなければ。安くなかったんだし。今は、会社で使ってたソフトバンクのX01HT。うん、ウィンドウズ携帯です。これ、好きくない…まぁ無いよりはマシだからしゃーなぃけど。ブライアンがいっつもiPhone買えって言うんだけど(笑。俺は欲しくない…皆持ってるんだもん。俺は謀反人になってやるぞブライアン。ぬぁははは!!

BEER at Bistro BEAUX Torrance

yes, the beer 🙂 this clean bar counter is from Bistro BEAUX in Torrance. been there since i was 18 years old. o, hey they did check my id. the picture is taken with my LG KE990 VIEWTY and edited by Viewty. love my phone. better then those iPhone!!! no, not really though… lol since this phone is a UK limited, can’t connect onto the web… there is a gmail application and google map installed, but cant use it 😦 well, yea. the beer. BEER.  hahha its friday!! gotta go get some alcohol atleast.

そうです、ビール 🙂 この綺麗なバーカウンターはトーレンスにあるビストロ・ボーズ。18歳ぐらいから通ってます。あ、もちろんIDチェックはされてましたよ。この写真はLGのKE990・VIEWTYで撮影したものです。この携帯最高。iPhoneなんかより全然良いもんっ!!いや、まぁ言う程でも無いけど(笑。UK限定らしく、ネットに繋がらないッスよ…gmailのアプリとかグーグルマップとかのアプリ入ってるんだけど、使えない 😦 まぁ、ね。ビールだよ。ビール(笑。今日は華の金曜日やでっ!!多少はアルコール摂取せあアカンよ。

My New Gadgets

finally i received my new cell phone, the LG KU990 VIEWTY.

やっとのことでLGのKE990 VIEWTYをゲッツ(古っ)

haven’t really played around with it yet. compared to the PRADA phone, this is more useful. their touch screen sensitivity andaccuracy has been much better with a lot more improvement. way better than some of those ATM machines. it might be easier to be comparing with the iPhone. but since i dont have it, i’m not gonna compare the two without not knowing the other. but at far as using the VIEWTY, its great. its lighter then the PRADA phone. a bit thicker because of the 5 mega pixel camera (or maybe not). here are some pics that i took with the VIEWTY.


not bad for a camera phone yea? auto focusing/manual focusing, ISO level up to 800, white balance of course, contrast, color tone, self timer, blah blah blah. also with their photo editing thingy as part of the VIEWTY’s firmware, becomes really handy. as you can see my car on the third picture, i changed the contrast level of the saved picture and added a stamp of heart. well, the heart looks a bit rough when moved to an computer… but as far as within the screen of the VIEWTY, its clear. also with the included stylus, you can write on the picture. havent really tried the video yet. i did, but havent uploaded yet. and i dont think i will.. lol the video can record up to 120 frames per second. it was fun recording my friend smoking a cigarette trying to make the “O” shape.


i also bought my Blue Tooth.



i bought the Jaw Bone. i was asking around my friends that works at the cell phone shop and they told me that at this time, Jaw Bone is probably the most clearest one around. so i trsuted my friend and bought the Jaw Bone blue tooth. outcome is good. kind a hate the ear bands though… oh well. for sound clearity, its great. dont even know how to use that noise cancellation thingy though… lol hahha. well, i should be able to figure it out some how.

結局Jaw Boneを購入です。携帯屋で働いてる友人に聞きまわったところ、これが今一番キレイに聞こえるだろうって言われたのでゲットです。結果は…良好です。この耳バンドがちょっと嫌いですが…まぁしょうがない。ただ問題は、ノイズ・キャンセレーションの使い方が今一判りません(笑。まぁ、そのウチ使えるようになるッショ。