little heart

My Asian Poses,

was chill’n at Starbucks in West LA. yea, went to West LA and Starbucks. what a day… hahaha me and buddy Kai came here to see Sang, who will be leaving to Korea end of this month. its sad that a good friend i knew for 6 years is leaving. well, lets cheer her good luck for her new departure 🙂 we will miss you Sang!!

ウェストLAのスタバでまったりしてましたぁ。っつかウェストLAの方まで行ってスタバかよって感じだけど…ww。俺とカイでサンちゃんに会いに行きました。サンちゃん今月末には韓国に帰っちゃうんだよねぇ。6年も知ってる仲の良い友達が居なくなってしまうのは寂しい事ッス。寂しがっててもしゃーなぃけどね。皆、サンちゃんの新しい旅立ちを応援してあげよう :) 

look what i got.


a venti coffee light frap with no whip. i dont understand why some people adds whip on it when its lighten. same with the de-caf. why do they add a whip!? dude, thats meaningless cuz you are adding a extra weight there!!


we decided to show our Asian Poses tonight.


here’s Sang with the v-sign.


she knew it by heart what to do… lol


me with the punch in the face.


and Kai, takes the win.


a perfect symmitrical small heart lol


o yea, btw my links are back up!! yaaaay 🙂 dont know why it happened… but, ya.

あ、ちなみにリンクのとこ直った!!いえぇぇぇい :) なんでかはわかんないけど…まぁ、ね。