My Last Day,

i would like to thank everyone of you for the support over the past years. Nearly 6years already since day one at LOT USA/BRIDE. every moment spent here at LOT USA/BRIDE was graceful and joyful without a doubt. My experience through the company is absolutely invaluable.

関係者各位様、本日を持ってLOT USA/BRIDEでの勤務を最後とさせて頂きます。今まで本当にたくさんの人にお世話になり、ご迷惑をおかけしました。早いもので、初日からすでに6年近く経ちます。社内で得た経験、教訓、全てが掛け替えの無いものです。

thank you so much Bun-san!!! 🙂

ブンさん、色々有り難うございました!!! 🙂

Love and Support from the Aftermarket Industries,

we are gathering people to enter the charity t-shirt.


lets show what us after market industries can do for Japan!!


shown are the quick samples front and back of the t-shirt. we currently have Invision Auto Imports, WEDS North America, Kyoei USA, WPC and of course us LOT USA/BRIDE. i do not have the logo yet but we also have TANABE USA, SSR, CUSCO, Intuned Online, and Turtle Factory. thats already $1000 USD for the charity.

上は簡単なサンプル画像です。現状でInvision Auto Imports, WEDS North America, Kyoei USA, WPCそしてもちろん弊社LOT USA/BRIDE。そしてロゴがまだ届いていないですがTANABE USA, SSR, CUSCO, Intuned Online, and Turtle Factoryがサポートしてくれています。これで$1000USDは集まりました。

the names will be sorted in alphabetical order.


lets show love support and respect.


more details will be updated soon.


thank you.



we will be having a booth there tomorrow!!

swing by and say hi to me!! lol

i will be having a small garage sale for fabrics, rails, gloves, etc etc.

no plans for Sunday?

come by to Irwindale!!