MINOX Leica M3

Polaroid project,

i was checking out Kappi’s blog the other day. Kappi has all these kool techniques upon developing films. like, spilling some milk on the negative and adding a wrinkled receipt texture onto the photo and a lot more. plus, the shots are beautiful. check out the page 🙂

Kappi嬢のブログをこの間見てて、面白いのを発見です。あ、ちなみに彼女のブログ、色々なフィルムの現像法なんかを紹介してます。彼女の(まぁ果たして女なのかわかりませんがw)写真がまたイイ味出してるんですよ。やっぱフィルムって良いよねぇ。そんなKappiのブログはこちら。チェケラッチョしてみて 🙂



and yea, back to the Polaroid thingy. its a simple software that converts a jpg to a form of Polaroid. something like Google’s PICASA, for the scattered image collage. (how do i make the files from my ex-HDD read through PICASA??)   


 so, on the left is the software. you drag & drop the picture to where it says “Drag & Drop your picture here”, the brown part. well yea thats obvious lol and it makes that cchi-chiiiiiin sound and a new windo pops out. thats it. you can shake it too. well, doesnt make it any faster… lol hahaha it will be better if the image does not get cropped automatically. the automatic color edit comes out pretty kool. nice an Polaroid, i guess. never used an actual polaroid before lol


below are some of the images that i made with this thingy.





Polaroid project, the easiest and the funniest Polaroid image maker



took a shot of my friend Yuki-chan 🙂

親友の優喜の写真とった 🙂

and she took a shot of me with my MINOX Leica.

そして俺はMINOX Leicaで撮られた。

hmmm fashion photos… their hard… hahaha sucks that my transmitter was out of battery…


its better for me shooting races and landscapes i think.


so, another ghetto double exposure time!! hahah


Driving Pictures January 23rd 2009

on the way to work on Van Ness Ave.


had to go to LAX this morning to drop off my boss. i always drop him off at the Arrival gates instead of Departure gates lol hahaha less traffic this way. o yea, LAX was really empty today. what happen? Tom Bradley looked dead… 😦 we use to chill there at the international gate just to see the world’s beautiful womans walking out lol

今朝はLAXへ行きました。社長を降ろしに。ちなみに、ウチはいつもデパーチャーのゲートの方じゃなくて、アライバルのゲートの方で降ろしてますよ(笑。だってすいてるしさぁ。あ、そう言えば今日LAXスゲー廃れてたよ。どした?トム・ブラッドリーとかガラガラだった… 😦 昔よく行ったんだよねぇーインターナショナルのゲートん所に。なんでかって?世界の美女を探してたんだよね空港で(笑

Century Blvd was pretty packed…



*taken with MINOX Leica M3

i got this fish-eye lens 35mm camera as a birthday gift from my friend Sunny 🙂

誕生日プレゼントとして、魚眼レンズの35mmフィルムカメラを友人のサニーからもらった 🙂

*taken with MINOX Leica M3

thats Sunny. say hi to her… lol


*taken with LG KE990 VIEWTY

the lomography fish-eye. got the film in already. i still had some film left overs from my old camera. Canon Rebel 2000. found roll of film so i’ve been snapping around everywhere just like a tourist came to town. me so excited though how should i develop it?? lol well, good thing my scanner/printer has the negative strip reader what-so-ever thingy so i will be fine for now i guess. well, see how it goes.


 thanks Sunny!! 🙂

ありがとうサニー!! 🙂


Clouds After the Rain

morning cloudiness after the rain on Van Ness Ave.


***taken with my VIEWTY KE990***

hmmm its kinda cold this morning… 😦

ちょっと寒いに今朝は… 😦

***taken with MINOX LEICA M3***