Pudding Frenzy,

Mitsuwa had a Okinawa/Kyushu fair thingy going on. me and Kana-chan made a stop there to check it out. we ended up getting these pudding thingy that they had 🙂

三ツワで九州/沖縄フェアーやってたよ。ってなわけでカナちゃんと寄って来ましたよ。結局プリンの色々を買ってきた 🙂

the pudding custard puff 🙂

カスタードシュークリーム・プリン 🙂

this was good. pudding dorayaki 🙂

これ美味かった。ぷりんどら 🙂 ドラえもんもビックリだよ。

Telesuco Crab Bento,

Mitsuwa is having a little food fair thingy (for Torrance and Costa Mesa branch). so i swung by for a little food shopping and got some obento for myself and Kana-chan (she’s sick right now so gotta be nice 🙂 )

ミツワのトーランス店とコスタメサ店で今「美味いもの市」やってますねぇ。ってなわけで仕事帰りに食い道楽とシャレこみましたよシンノスケは。自分の分とカナちゃん(ちなみに風邪でダウン中なのでお見舞い 🙂 )の分を買ってきた。



got some Crab Bento thingy from Telesuco Japan.


shiet those for expensive as hell!!! god damn…


well, at least the food was good.



lunch today was at Santouka, inside Mitsuwa Market in Torrance. originally, the ramen place is from Hokkaido Japan. mmmm great stuff. i really love this place. dont like Shinsengumi as much as people do… they say its Hakata Ramen, but hey, its not close enough to be called as a Hakata Ramen. its doesnt make the Hakata Ramen by adding the pickled ginger into it. Asa or Santouka is much more better for me. and also Umemura has great ramen too. well, its only my personal opinion. anyways, todays ramen was shio ramen with my special spicy special lol yea its reeeeed!!! hahaha i’m full and got the food coma… time for a cigarette break 🙂

今日のランチは山頭火でした。場所はトーランスのミツワ内。もともとは北海道かららしいですね山頭火って。いやぁー美味いね。ここのホント好きなんです。新撰組とかよりも全然好き。あそこは博多ラーメンって言ってるけど、別に紅生姜を足すと博多ラーメンってわけじゃーないっしょ?アサとか山頭火の方が全然美味いっす。あと、ウメムラとか。まぁ、個人的な意見と言うか趣味なんで。さて、今日は塩ラーメン特別激辛仕様です。ふふ…w。赤いっしょ!!!笑。スンゲーお腹いっぱいで食ったら眠くなってきちゃったよ…そろそろタバコ休憩の時間だね 🙂

close up?