Had to Kill the Shot, Sorry

look carefully behind the Tomei poster thingy behind the white Evo X… Shino sighting lol


thanks for the pic Matt!!


check our Tomei’s MOD 2011 coverage here.


Mitsubishi Owner’s Day 2009,

yaaay had Monday off 🙂 now, back to schedule.

わぁーい月曜日は休みだったぁ~ :) さて、頑張ります。

past Saturday was MOD, Mitsubishi Owner’s Day at the Mitsubishi head quarter in Cypress.


our booth had two Evos for Monster Sport and HKS Kansai. thanks guys!!


TOMEI brought their Evo X.


i saw Rene’s car next to our booth.


thats it for this year… lol didnt have enough time to take a look around. i had to go west LA for the sale event at QIO. will be updating those pics later on, probably today. but yea, the venue was pretty much packed with of course the Mitsubishi vehicles. Evo 7-9, X, Eclipse, Galant, Pajero, etc etc. wish i could have stayed longer… but to be honest, its the same thing over and over. yea there will be new people registering to place their car with pride. but thats about it. what do they do? chill at the parking lot, chatting with the buddies, go grab some food and get ready for the raffle for freebies. been tired of the car shows lately. whats the fun?


Not My Taste, Sorry.

at MOD i saw this circle of people gathering around this one car. so i went to go take a look and there, i saw this “FERMAN3” named car.


sorry, it ain’t my taste for the car 😦


MOD Part2 -Dyno Testing-

sorry forgot to upload some stuff about the dyno testing at the MOD. was gonna edit the previous post but, i will write up another one.


so here are some pics of the actual dyno of the EVO X MR.



i didnt actually see how the new MR did. i was gonna go check out the monitor they had but it was way too crowded in the area. i only saw the test of the two different EVO MR that day. wanted to see others testing their car too… saw a Gallant waiting in line and two different EVO 9 waiting. the guy in  the car was doing most of the work. from taking off the tires to installing that dyno thingy. btw, which is better? the one with the roller built in on the floor? or this type of the dyno tester? seems like this is better. since its a direct input, the tires dont matter and the ground temperature does not matter. the roller one seems to vary in weather and tire condition. which is more accurate? anyone know? just testing the crank might be the same but… oh well. dyno is dyno. yes.


Mitsubishi Owners Day

the past weekend of a busy weekend for me. Saturday was MOD at Cypess, and then had to go to my friend’s wedding in Garden Grove, after party in Huntington Beach. Sunday, was REDLINE Time Attack at Auto Club Speedway (ex-California Speedway) in Fontana. well, lets go over MOD first 🙂


this was our second time attending as a vendor for MOD (Mitsubishi Owners Day) at Mitsubishi hq in Cypress, California. the event date was July 19th 2008. as expected, there was a lot of EVO X out in the parking lot. also a lot of EVO 8 and 9. There was a lot of Eclipse as well. didnt see many of the 3000GT in the area. probably less then 10 was there. or did i just missed it? this year, Mitsubishi had their new SUV on display with some of the old race cars from the formula car for Japan Grand Prix back in 1971, the famous Tommi Mackinen (did i spell him right?) EVO rally car, the 1984 4WD STARION and their 1976  GALLANT FTO. there was also some factory tuned EVO X on displays as well for the MOD booth. here are some pics.

今回で2回目の出展となるMOD(Mitsubishi Owners Day)。場所はカリフォルニア州はサイプレスにある三菱のアメリカ本社で。イベントは7/19(土曜日)に行われました。予想通り、やはりエボXの数が多かったですね。そしてやはり根強い人気のあるエボ8と9。エクリプスもたくさんとまってました。ただ今回GTOが少なかったですね。10台もいなかったような。もしくは僕の見落としですかね?今年の三菱本社の出展は1971年にジャパングランプリで優勝を飾ったレース車輌に、トミーマキネンのラリー使用のエボ(これって5?6?忘れました…)。他にも1984式の4駆のスタリオンに1976式のギャラン・FTO。他にもファクトリー・チューンされたエボXなんかもありました。下が色々撮った写真です。

pic of our booth with Charles cleaning his car. we brought HKS Kansai and Monster Sport products. the only difference from last year is, we did not take BRIDE. Mitsubishi wanted us to be a bit more MItsubishi specific i guess, they wanted us to take Monster and Kansai stuffs only.


hmmm…. VTEC? not MIVEC? dude…


the OG gangsta right here who got first on Japan Grand Prix back in 1971. how do i know? it was on the board next to it 😉


Charles from team Hybrid’s EVO9’s engine bay. full Monster Sport set up.


kooool! he has an LOT USA decal on the side 🙂 he also had it on his carbon intake chamber box thingy for the Monster Sport intake thingy. thanks for your support Charles!!

おぉ!LOT USAのデカールがあるじゃないですか横ッチョに♪モンスタースポーツのカーボンインテークのチャンバーボックスにも貼ってありました。有難うチャールス!!大好き:)

dont know why but some how, i really like this EVO X. nice and clean.


E Auto, William’s EVO X. i don’t see BRIDE seats on his… 😦


Eric over at DriveLineMotoring’s EVO X. nice ENEOS sticker you got.


yea way to go Eric. love how you support us 🙂 super huge… lol


unfortunately, i did not stay the whole day since i had to go to a wedding of my friend. i will be updating about the wedding later. but as for now, MOD, MOD. hahha. as for our industry, MOD is one of the great shows to actually have a booth. well, as far as what i think. the customers are so niche that its easier for us to set up an market and do some researches. also a good part about it is that its so niche that the words spreads out easily. and these people do a actual RESEARCH of the products and stuff. its not like they are building a all show no go fo sho cars. they got pride in it and they are proud of it. i really like those kind of customers using the products we carry. and of course the biggest part of the positive voices about the event is, the key word “FREE”. hahha really helps yea? and of course the main reason we attend is that the customer who attends to MOD, they consider safety and performance. well, maybe not all but the majority maybe? or hopefully? wish this is more of these events a lot more often.