9th Annual Rogers Santa Claus Parade,

starting from 13:00 today, 12/2.


rain or shine event i guess.


stage had a tap dance show case.


lot of charity going on. gave them some US dollars for a good cause. now i am officially out of cash lol


constitution of pigeons.


portion of streets are blocked off.


police on work.



Dating Spree with the Wifey,

haven’t done this for a while. shopping with wifey.


Urban Outfitters had a 30% off sale.


i have really long legs lol


the starbucks moments.



High Voltage,

Canon EOS 7D, Zeiss Distagon 35mm F2, with Capture One Pro 6

Shinka is being hyper lately. giggling screaming kicking and smacking, throwing stuffs and even hiding lol i’m scared of the crazy2s now… 🙂 she’s babbling a of words now. kids are fast.

心花は最近とてもアゲアゲ。笑って叫んで叩いて蹴って物投げて隠したりもする(笑。噂の2歳からが怖い… 🙂 っつーか最近色々と喋ろうとする。子供って早いねぇー。

she’s already 14months now.


ISO12800 of the Canon 7D,

as promised, Robert 🙂

shot with CANON EOS 7D, with Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX.

Tv 1/2000, Av 1.4

Evaluative metering

ISO 12800

Monochrome, Sharpness +7, Contrast +4 with Purple toning effect

High ISO noise reduction, disable

above is the image cropped at pixel maginification (5184×3456). it is rusty lol sooo rusty… although the ISO1600 on the 7D is much better compared to the XSi’s ISO 1600. i guess ISO3200 will be pretty nice and useful. ISO6400 is alot noisy though not as the ISO12800.  if you enable the noise reduction the grain will disappear slightly though not much. i would rather shoot in black and white when using the HI ISO setting enabled.

personally i do love these grains that gives a extra taste on the photo. with the exact size of the pixel will be awful though most prints are going to be 8.5×11 or 11×14 any ones so mind as well take advantage. if the shots will be printed someting larger i will just rent a Phase One .

Signal Auto, Suspension Install

was at Signal the other day to have them install my suspension. yea, got them used 🙂 was gonna do them my self, though too lazy lol so, went to Signal.

この間はシグナルオートでサスの取り付けをしてもらいましたぁ。そうなの、中古をゲット 🙂 自分でやろ思ったけど、メンドくさかったので(笑。ってなわけでシグナルさんへ。

decided to take my camera with me to kill time.