CSCC SOLO Super Duper at El Toro, Irvine

we, OS Giken USA, had a booth today at El Toro for CSCC SOLO Regionals and or SCCA thing out there. getting confused with different series running here and there.

今日はエルトロでやったCSSS SOLOやらSCCAやらのイベントにOS技研としてブース出してました。なんか色々シリーズあってよくわからんです。

such a long course it was. averaging at 94secs?


Canon EOS 1D Mark III + 70-200mm F2.8L

Canon EOS 7D + 17-40mm F4L

didn’t shoot the last class… 😦

最後のクラス撮ってない… 😦


NASCAR-ing with HRE at Bowman Gray Stadium,

OS Giken is a proud sponsor of Hattori Racing Enterprise, #1 Camry and #11 Camry. I have attended the race this past weekend and Bowman Gray Stadium near Charlotte, North Carolina. yeehaw baby!! 🙂 enough talking, and let’s have the photos do the rest. FYI, used equipments are Canon EOS 7D + 70-200mm F2.8L and Leica M8 + Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm F1.4 Single Coat. all photos are edited by Capture One Pro 6.

AM Performance 370Z,

AM Performance 370Z competing in Grand AM Road Racing, GS Class.

Grand AM Road RacingのGSクラスに出場するAM Performance Z34。

first Japanese car to be competing in the series amongst M3, Mustang, and others.

M3やマスタングに混じり日本車としては初参戦となるGrand AMシリーズ。

Jeff Hecox


and equipped with OS Giken LSD.


Lotus Cup USA, Auto Club Speedway,

with the Redline and Moto IQ people, members from the Lotus Cup USA was running the track. mmmm i love Lotus. wish i can fit and i’d buy it lol but yea, here’s the shots from the Lotus Cup cars. enjoy.

レッドラインとMoto IQと一緒にロータスカップUSAの人達もサーキット走ってた。いややっぱイイねロータス。体は入れば買うのになぁー(笑。とまぁ、ロータスカップの写真です。どうぞ。


Art of Motorsport, Redline Time Attack Day One,

quick edit of the shots from today. a lot more open areas for the media people today.


some of the usual guys and some of the new comer guys running the track. o yea, Lotus Cup was here. whole row of garage was invaded by Lotus. wish i can fit in one LOL


by the way,

it was nice seeing you Alex!! 🙂 thanks for always following my blog. it was a great pleasure to meet you. shoot me over a email regarding the FX seat rail!! i will check back with the details when i’m back in the office 🙂

and yes, the oobies!! hahahah


from last year’s Streets of Long Beach. yea damn fence… lol the sharpest focus is being covered 😦

去年のStreet of Long Beach戦。おのれフェンスめ…笑。一番シャープなとこ隠れてるし 😦

this year? no i didnt go. family plans, no media credentials, etc.


next plan is for May at Autoclub Speedway. hopefully i can make it next month.


1 Lap in the 1,

Berk Technology BMW 135i with Mike-san by MotoIQ.

Redline Time Attack season has 2 more to go. Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA and Auto club Speedway in Fontana, CA. won’t be attending Infineon (too far for me to drive lol), but Auto Club, will do 🙂 gotta figure a way to spot a lens… wish i could buy that 400 2.8 in cash right now… lol oh well, i’ll figure out something.

Drift, 1/15 of a Second,

1/15 of a second of drifting.


hahhaaa looks  pretty darn fast now.


Canon 100-400mm F4.5/5.6L USM, 7D

need more practice on the hand held 1/15sec panning…


Drift, 1/30 of a Second,

1/30 of a second at last week in Long Beach.


i hate shooting this course… too much fences and too many people orgy-ing the holes… 😦

このコースの撮影は嫌いだ…柵が邪魔過ぎるし一つの穴に皆い過ぎ… 😦

Canon 100-400mm F4.5/5.6L IS USM, 7D

shots are passable i guess, but no fun for me…


Thanks to JDM Option,

special thanks to JDM Option 🙂 they made a little collage and a section for me.

有難うございますJDM Option 🙂 自分のためにコラージュ作ってもらって場所ももらいました。

Drifting Event May 2nd,

past weekend was a drifting event at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA. the first event for them. there was a lot of visitors arriving at the venue then i was expecting. became a pretty busy day for us since we had our booth near the entrance 🙂 special thanks to Ali!!

先週末はカリフォルニア州、アナハイムのエンジェル・スタジアムでドリフトのイベントが開催されました。思ってたよりも会場にはお客さんが多かったですねぇ。ウチは中々忙しかったですよお蔭様です。ブースの場所も入り口のすぐ側だったので 🙂 D1のUS役員のアリーに感謝っす!!

had booth with WEDS wheels 🙂 that florescent yellow wheel was a eye candy.

今回はWEDSさんと一緒にブースの出展でした 🙂 あの蛍光イエローはかなりの注目でした。

this guys right here.


below are the other wheel we had there as for display.


we had the XAX II Limited Edition, and the new ZETA III XL (US only) as display.

ウチはXAX IIの限定版と、新商品のZETA IIIのXL(US販売のみ)をディスプレイしました。

Jason from MINE’S had a kool idea of displaying the shirts. Arigato mang 🙂

マインズのジェイソンがカッコよくTシャツをディスプレイしてくれました。ありがと 🙂

in front of us was GReddy, and Sasha Singleton was modeling. i loved her more before she got the implants… she is still hot, but i prefer the non-implants. who agrees with me???


over all, the event was… below average. why? first of all, the day for set-up, this one dude with some shades on came by with the kick-board strolling around our booth. came by and told us “you guys fuked it up.” i mean, wtf? buddy of mine told me the booth is here and i double checked with isle spacing and everything. and this kick-board shades motha fucka swings by and tells me to move. talking to me like that? couple minute later, he figured out HE was WRONG. but, never said sorry or anything. i was about to run up to him and jack his kick-board, throw it in the trash-can, shatter his cheapy shades, tie him up and drag that fool with my Z around the drift course.


i understand this was the first event. but wish it was more organized.