What ever They Are Saying in the Video,

shiets an awesome found Robert!! 🙂 made my day!! lol

これハンパねぇーの見つけたなロバート!! 🙂 良い一日になりそうだわ!!笑

The Gap We Have vs. End User Needs,

been talking about this gap we have with them. a FIA approved EXAS III but with a larger waist size. or, doesnt have to be FIA. can be accommodated with SFI regulation which lot of NASCAR peeps uses as well. currently under our line of products, there is no race certified (FIA, SFI etc) seat that fits into a small car such as a Mazda Miata or a Honda S2000, where a lot of track demands are high. they can just close off their glove box and strip off the door panles maybe? lol but now the problem is the waste sizing. our seat, the typical Asian size, is not a US friendly size along with the height of the shoulder bolsters.

think big people dont drive a small car? they actually love the small cars as myself being 6’3 half sized 1/4 Korean mixed Japanesian with a waist size of 38-40. tall people drives Lotus Exige in Europe. fat peeps drives a Miata here in US. small people drives a Hummer H2 in Japan lol such a high demand big people have for a small car. and majority dont fit in our seat lol and thats why other companies such as RECAROs and SPARCOs (with FIA certification) is still a top notch seller out there in the motorsports market and we have more name on the show car market. which is sad. i’ve been wanting to close off this gap so it will open up to more variety of end users.

but, yea tooling cost and other mucho dineros seeks behind this production. how should i pull this out from them in this such recession moments… even if i was able to spot a funding source (which i already have actually), they’d be conservative and just leave a grin in my face. or even if i earn a actual GO for the production, shiet takes time to make a seat. just like the XL ZETA III we have. took 2 years, and thats a pretty darn long time frame for a end user to actually wait for the seat to come out. and users have switched to other manufactures which is understandable. i would. cant be waiting that long.


Here and There,

for taking 1st place at IDRC drift class past weekend 🙂

先週末のIDRCのドリフトクラス一位獲得おめでとう 🙂

btw, thats the only shot from IDRC… lol nothing really special and all… i dont have any shot from GReddy fest since i forgot the damn camera lol

ちなみに、イベントで撮ったのは上の一枚だけ…(笑。これと言って撮るものもなく… GReddy Festではカメラ忘れたから一枚も撮ってないし(笑

IDRC was… to be honest, wasnt great. GReddy Fest had much more people on the go. o, nice meeting you Curtis!! thanks for following my blog 🙂 but yea, GReddy Fest was a much better out come for us. more people and more sales. IDRC was more like a picnic out to the track with friends. yea weather was hot (highest at 107F/42C) and venue was far. but still, i dont think they advertised it enough and this some what foreshadows how much readers they have under their publication. and, how many of the Californians are more interested in car shows rather then “motorsports”. kid’s hobbies are shifting away from cars these days 😦 becoming such a niche market. oh well thats what it is and got to stick with it. maybe its about time reconsidering things over here.

IDRCは…正直良くなかったねぇ。GReddy Festの方が全然人が入ってたよ。あ、カーチス初めましてでした!!いつもブログ読んでくれて有り難う 🙂 話がそれたけどw、GReddy Festの方が断然調子良かった。人も多かったし、売り上げもボチボチ良かった。確かに、土曜日の気温は107F/42Cとかなりの猛暑だったし場所も遠かったけどさ。宣伝がイマイチだったんだろぅね。それに、読者の弱さみたいなとこが見えるよねアソコの。カリフォルニア人がどれだけモータースポーツが好きなのかもうっすらと見えるよね。趣味が車のチューニングです言う人も減ったし 😦 どんどんニッチになって行くなぁーこの業界。まぁしょうがないね、なるようにしかならないか。良いタイミングなのかもね逆に。色々と考える時期かねぇ。

SUPER GT Suzuka Associated Testing Day,

Suzuka Circuit recently held the SUPER GT associated testing day.


the new Honda HSV is grabbing a lot of attentions this year i guess. the HSV had some problem with the steering assy and #18 crashed at the 130R. all the HSV were back in the pit area for ascertainment.


lap time wise, the R35 recorded the fastest of all the 3days. although, the SC430 is right behind the record.


below is a clip from the test.


for more pictures, visit Auto Sport Web

i want to go shoot SUPER GT too dammit… 😦

俺もスーパーGT撮りに行きたいよぉーちくしょー… 😦

REDLINE Time Attack, Day Two

day two of REDLINE. its was hella windy this morning… shiets were flying every where. special thanks to Tree-san for the carne-asada-san!! 🙂 Buddy Club had a BBQ next to their booth, next to the woman’s restroom.

レッドラインの二日目です。風がスッゲー強かった…色んなモノが宙を舞ってたよ。ツリーがカーニーアサーダ作ってくれた。アリガトッ!!:) バディークラブのブースが横でBBQやってたよ。その隣が女子トイレ。


REDLINE Time Attack, Day One

here at Auto Club Speedway (ex California Speedway) for REDLINE Time Attack. weather is nice and clear 🙂

オートクラブスピードウェイ(カリフォルニアスピードウェイ)レッドラインタイムアタックのため来てます。天気は良好 🙂


Dai’s Driving Academy Final,

new venue this time.


here at Inland Drift in Perris, Riverside.



Dai’s Driving Academy 4,

Sunday September 20th was Dai’s Driving Academy 4 at Irvine, El Toro Air Field. weather was nice and clear. little wind and hot as hell lol out in the field with no shade is torture without sunscreen. this time, i almost got ran over… lol thanks Jin-san… hahaha o yea btw, you can now order prints. leave a comment with your email address and i will contact you back 🙂

9月20日の日曜日はDai’s Driving Academy 4でしたぁ。場所はアーバイン市内のエルトロ・エアーフィールド。元米軍基地です。天気は晴れで良好。風がほんの少しあって地獄のような暑さ(笑。影も無い中炎天下での撮影はまさに地獄。日焼け止め塗ってなければほぼ拷問w。今回は、ひかれそうになりました…笑。ジンさん、ありがとう…ww。今回から、写真のプリントサービスを始めました。コメントにメールアドレスを連載して頂ければこちらから連絡します 🙂

started my driving academy a little early on the 405 freeway lol


and here at the venue now. peeps setting up for the track.


and here the driver’s meeting start. alot more people then we expected.



Dai’s Driving Academy 3

i was at Dai’s Driving Academy 3 this past Saturday.

先週末の土曜日はDai’s Driving Academy 3に行ってましたぁ。

practicing my pictures again.


stop by at Mc Donalds of course for my 2 sausage egg muffin plus extra hash brown and orange juice 🙂 and to the gas station for the large size red bull try to get my wings, water, and cigarettes to be ready for the day!!

朝はマックでソーセージエッグマフィン2個のセットにハッシュブラウン一個追加でオレンジジュース 🙂 そしてガススタで翼を得るために無駄にデカめなレッドブルと水(大)とタバコで今日一日の準備は完了!!

first to the drift course per Inada-san. he wante more drifting pics this time.


and here i am, far away from the pit/paddock area.



Formula D, Streets of Long Beach 2009

here are the pics from last weeks Formula D, Streets of Long Beach 2009.


no photochop used 🙂

フォトチョップは使ってません 🙂

damn cones and fences… lol


enjoy 🙂

お楽しみ下さいまし 🙂



Formula D, Streets of Long Beach Preview,

past Saturday April 11th 2009 was Formula D, Streets of Long Beach.


such a hot day inhaling tire smokes and exhaust fumes lol


here are some pics.


damn fences.


more to come soon.