nitch market


today, i had a unexpected visitor at my office. at first, i thought it was some random solcitor trying to sell security systems and water pumps or some other etc stuffs. but it wasnt. he came to our office for some marketing stuffs for the NISSAN VERSA (TIIDA in Japan). had a great time chatting with him about the car and how the industry should expand the bridge to these market as well. currently, with the HONDA Fit, TOYOTA YARIS, are two of the top selling cars for those class. NISSAN VERSA chasing their tail lights. but for our industry, its still the SILVIAs and EVOs that holds the tuning bases. but with this current economy, which i believe it will not be back like the good old days where a gas was below $1 per gallon, these gas saver cars should be a great market for tuning market.


in Japan within that class of gas saver compact vehicles, SUZUKI’s SWIFT is the most popular. well, my guess only. the model is doing really good in the JWRC series from their first entry. aftermarket manufactures has being putting more effort in (well, only in the Japan region) for tuning, or i should say “fixing it up” the vehicle. i believe in 2009 or 2010, SUZUKI will be releasing the SWIFT in the US market. currently they have the SX4 for their line-up. plus, they are doing really really well in the Caribbean markets. just to let you guys know, i do distribute SUZUKI Sport products 🙂 lemme know if you have any inquiries. but yea, in Japan, these markets are doing very well for regular markets and after markets. compact model which is a perfect sizing for canyon runs and auto crossing, plus saves you gas? why not put our hands in it? and this does not mean, lets leave the 350Z market and the WRX market behind b/s-ing. those markets are those markets. lets just expand and make our vision a little more wider so it could be visionS. the FIT and the YARIS market arent doing that well then we have guessed. yea some people swapped with a KA24 motor in there for FIT. but that was like the only one i’ve seen which was really interesting. BLITZ has a complete kit for the YARIS as well. i think it was the super charger kit. but thats about it. dont others think that this will be a nitch but great market???

日本ではこのクラスの車輌で人気があるのがスズキさんのスウィフトですね。まぁ、個人的な見解ですが。このスウィフト、JWRCでも中々の成績を残してますからね初参戦から。アフターマーケットのメーカーさん(まぁ日本国内でですが)は結構力を入れてますよねチューニングに。USでは2009年か2010年にはスウィフトの販売を始めるそうです。今現在はSX4がありますけどねこちらには。カリブ海の方では大人気だそうです。あ、ちなみにウチではSUZUKI Sportsさんの卸もやっているので 🙂 何か質問等あればご一報下さい。さて、このマーケットは一般とチューニング両方のマーケットで売れ行きが好調ですね。コンパクトで、峠やジムカーナには最適なパッケージング、しかも燃費良いときた。なんで誰も目つけなぃんだろう?このマーケットに手をつけるからと言ってZとかインプのマーケットから離れるわけでは無いです。もっと視野を広げて物事を見て行こうじゃないですか。フィットとかヴィッツのマーケットがUSでは思ったよりも調子悪いですね。まぁ確かにフィットにKA24を換装shた人とかは居ますけど、興味がわいたのはそれぐらいですね。後はBLITZさんがUSヴィッツ用の確かスーパーチャージャーキットを出してましたね。でもまぁ、その程度ですよ。確かにニッチなマーケットかも知れないですけど、良いマーケットになるとは思いません???