OS 80W250

Monday Day Off,

yes, monday we had a day off 🙂

そうなんです、月曜日はお休みでした 🙂

went toMarukai to have a lunch with Kana-chan. here at Shinsengumi.


see those gyozas on the right? mang they were cold!! wtf mang. how come it wasnt heated? the microwaves were broken or something? shiet. they even wroted on the menu “PANFRIED DUMPLINGS”.

右の餃子が目に見えますでしょうか?スンゲー冷めてたんだけど!!どうなってるわけよ。なんで温まってなかったの?電子レンジでも壊れてたのか?ったくよぉ。メニューにも書いてあったんだよ「PANFRIED SUMPLINGS」って。

after eating that cold gyoza, i went to Signal to get my differential oils change.


for all OS Giken LSD users, dont use Mobile 1 oils. they dont match and will make noises. OS does have differential oils at 80W250. let me know if you want them 🙂

OS技デユーザーの皆さん、モービル1のオイルはお勧めしません。オイル合わないし異音が出ます。OSでは専用のデフオイルもあります。80W250っていう。誰か必要な人居たら連絡下さいまし 🙂

gotta call from Kana-chan to ride along to IKEA, so i did.


we went to go get some seats for her nail salon which is the above, and was sold out 😦 we went to IKEA just for their frozen yogurt?? fail… hahahah

彼女のネイルサロンのためのイスを買いに。上のヤツなんだけど、売り切れでした :( IKEA何しに行ったかってフローズンヨグルト食いに行っただけ??やっちまったなぁー…ww

that night was a meeting the Reiko and Yuki at Tea Station.


Reiko deciding on the pics for to use on her business card.


my good old buddy Yuki is working on the photo-chopp’n process.


and look what i got.


huge lol