Prom Night NYE 2011 at Exchange LA,

with my man DJ Benkay.

DJ Benkayさんと。

the venue was literally packed. filled with people top to bottom. 2000 tickets sold, 40 table reservations, and more. what a night.


camera, Canon EOS 7D

lens, Carl Zeiss Distagon 35mm F2, Sigma 50mm F1.4EX DG HSM, EF-S, 18-55mm F3.5/5.6

flash, Canon Speedlite 580EX II

others, Canon ST-E2 Transmitter

tagged along to shoot video footage. since the photos were not the main plan, i will be posting them in the blog today as a personal coverage. it was fun shooting last night. especially with the new lens 🙂 but yea, heres the shots from new years eve.

ビデオ撮影のため一緒についてまわっとりました。写真が今回はメインでは無かったので、個人的に色々ブログの方にアップしよ思います。楽しく撮れましたよ。とくに新しいレンズ 🙂 まぁ、そんなわけで大晦日での写真です。

colors, black and white.


if you are viewing this from the top page, click the link below to continue for more photos. if not, just ignore it and continue on.



Redline Time Attack Final, Day One

went to Redline Time Attack today even though i’m hella sick… yea i feel you too Rogan-san lol but i aint taking that Wild Turkey… hahha but yea, sunny day out in Fontana it was. became windy after lunch though. and my lips got hella dry… i always forget my chapstick to these outdoor events in open field.

今日はRedline Time Attackに行って来ました。むっちゃ風邪だったけど…ローガン、わかるよお前のその風邪(笑。でもね、俺はワイルドターキーで治そうとはしないぜww。そんな事は置いといて、フォンタナは良い天気でした。ランチの後は風がスゴかったけど。唇もめっちゃ乾いた。いぃーっつも外のイベントで忘れるんだよねリップクリーム(日本語でなんて言うんだっけ?w)。

not many spectators were there. maybe because it was the first day.


but yea anyways, here’s the shots from the first day. i won’t be going tomorrow (gotta do laundries lol and fix my mom’s computer). some guy was next to me with a nice telephoto lens, but was disappointing. had the green on… 😦 if i get judged by what equipment i have and use, that’s bull shiet. my zoom is a under $400 cheapy with slow focus and no image stabilizer. and i still take better shots than those spoiled kids with some high end equipment!! lol

とまぁ、そんな感じで初日の写真です。明日は行きません(洗濯しなきゃだしオカンのコンピューター直さなきゃだし)。そういえば隣に立ってたヤツが中々イイ望遠つけてたけど、残念な感じだったよ。フルオートだった… 😦 っつーか持ってる機材で俺の価値を決めるって言うんだったらウンコだは。俺の望遠ズームは$400以下のおっそいフォーカスで手ブレ補正ついてない。それでもどっかの高級機材使ってるヤツよりイイ写真撮るぜッ!!笑

enjoy the shots.



Pics are Updated for Fabulous, at Libertine

click the above pic 🙂

上の写真をクリックしてね 🙂

its always Fabulous at Libertine 🙂 dont miss, every second Saturday!!

リバティンはいつもファブラス :) 毎月、第二土曜日はリバティン、夜露死苦ッ!!



FABULOUS, at Libertine West Hollywood

past Saturday was “FABULOUS” at Libertine in West Hollywood.


there goes the very first customer for the night, 8:52pm.


first off with M.E.G. starting off the crowds.


we had free sake tasting till 10pm that night. thank you Kenji-san 🙂

10時まで日本酒の試飲会もありました。ご馳走様でケンジさん 🙂

packed Sunset Blvd of usual Saturdays.


more and more people rolling in, 9:07pm.


Libertine was packed birthday party with a farewell party and graduation party.


i randomly ran into Rogan-san 🙂 didnt want any pics though 😦 i will sneak up to you next time when i see you… lol hahaha

ばったりローガンに会った :) 写真に写りたくなかったみたいだけど :( 次会った時はこっそり盗撮してやるかんね…笑ww


we pop champagne~!!


i always take two cameras for the club snap. one xsi with the kit lens (yes i wish i could afford the expensive wide angles lol) and one 7D with my Sigma 50mm F1.4. but, my hot shoe on my xsi was not cooperating with me tonight 😦 my speedlite did not link up with the camera… gotta get it over hauled soon i guess.

毎回クラブの撮影の時はカメラ2台体制です。キットレンズ(広角のLとか欲しいけど金無いw)で頑張るXSI(Kiss x2)とシグマ50mmのF1.4が付いてる7D。今回、XSIのシューマウントがどうやらブッ壊れたらしく仕事してくれんかった 😦 スピードライトがリンクされず…。そろそろオーバーホールしないと駄目かな。

thanks for every one who came to Libertine!! was a great night. next will be July 10 🙂 see you guys there again!! 🙂

リバティンに来て頂いた皆様有難うございます!!楽しい夜でした。次回は7月10日 🙂 また次回ッ!! 🙂

more pics from the night will soon to be updated at afro99.


Good Night,

back from the late night photo shoot. damn you Allen lol


time to sleep!! good night!!


oh by the way, we will be receiving our container tomorrow morning 🙂 they said 10am but i guess it will be here around 12pm. if you need to will call asap, give me a call and i will have it ready. thanks!!

6×6 Aspect Ratio Test, 7D

6×6 aspect ratio tets with 7D.


organizing the shoot for the June gallery…


i want the Hasselblad 503cw!!


Jingle Dingle Updated,

pics are updated at 🙂

写真はAfro99.comにアップされてます 🙂

here’s some of the shots.


hooo flip that shiet up girrrlll!! hahha


special thanks to C.O.R.E. Entertainment and afro99 🙂


above is the new RICOH GXR, the interchangeable camera unit. the camera unit contains different focal length with different sensor size. there is an optional view finder and a external flash unit.


sounds like a amazing new technology. but not my cup of tea. i’d rather get the GR III. well, it may change after i actually fondle the camera. it just feels weird changing the whole unit… shooting a video with the SLR is weird for me too. feel like a old man that just cant catch up to the new techs lol plus, the design is kind of bulky looing compared to the GR series.

なんか凄そうなテクノロジーやね。でも、俺の趣味では無いかも。GR IIIの方が魅力的だなぁ。まぁ、実際カメラをイジってみれば変わるのかもしんないけど。とにかく、なんかユニットごと交換って言うのが違和感。一眼で動画を撮るのにも違和感があるのに。時代について行けない老いぼれみたいな感じだな俺w。それになんだかGR系と違ってデザインがかさばって見える。

i would rather get the Olympus E-P2.