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i was going to make a blog for my website but, i say fuk it LOL i don’t really have time to manage two blogs, a website, work, freelance, export, kids, etc. long story short, this will be my blog for everything!!


found this in the archive. mmm legs… shot with an Canon XSi + Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM. one of my very first shooting session with an actual client.

アーカイブの中で見つけた。ん〜脚…キャノンのKiss x2にシグマの50mm f1.4 EX DG HSMで撮影。実際のクライアントと仕事をするのはこの時が初めて。


Sunday Sunday Sunday

Kana-chan cooking for my breakfast 🙂

カナちゃんが朝ご飯作ってくれてます 🙂

what is today’s special?


ahhh yesterday’s curry pilaf with an omlette.


and with a soup which was made from yesterday’s chicken as well.


yummmm 🙂

美味フィス 🙂

Sunday night, had some work to do over at LA.


yes, photo shoot for a pole dancer. thanks Reiko 🙂

そう、ポールダンサーの撮影でした。有り難うレイコちゃん 🙂

and special thanks to Lani over at Evolve Pole Dance Studio!!


Evolve Pole Dance Studio

5872 Pico Blvd.,

Suite A

Los Angeles, CA 90019