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ZETA III XL is FIA Approved Now,

thanks to all the hard effort placed towards this project. the ZETA III XL is now FIA approved 🙂 finally a US sized race seat from BRIDE is available. ETA of the first FIA approved seat batch will be here by end of June/early July. any interest, please email me at shino(at) and i will be more than happy to assist you.

Roll’n On the Knock-Offs,

so, i got this message through a friend of mine.

message reads as follows,

“Since My seats have arrived they are taken apart to be painted and cleared. I’m also adding a few comfort things to the racing seats. The seats are Very good knock offs. Strafe sells them for 1400 shipped. I am also going to use a Replica harness because I’m going to add the Strafe logo instead. These are my thoughts who cares where or what these 2 items are? I’m not going to track my car so who cares if they are real or knock offs I mod everything and why waste the money. The seats are sick. $1400 shipped is best part.. Now what Foo?”

now what foo?  the hell think you are.


oh, btw here’s the link to a build using this replica shiets.

the message buddy sent me was embedded from this thread.

amazing eh?

cant even take pictures correctly.

i dont understand why the thread viewers are commenting with “amazing ride, cant wait for the build to be done, etc etc” are they bunch of fags on the G35 forums? its a piece of shit lol is the car even a real G35? lol maybe its a knock-off. who knows. either way its a bad reputation for Infiniti. not a great way to start marketing for a used G35 cars…

but yea, if anyone is planning to buy a seat from Strafe Automotive (btw his name is Lawrence aka Law), go for it. its replica. who knows whats going to happen.  i’ve seen couple that snapped in half before. if you die, you die. dont blame it on me.

good luck hard parkers.




advertise, advertise lol

recently, we came out with a new classy type of the ZETA III. it is the Japan series. the seat cover is suede (same material as the 370Z door panels and other suede that Nissan/Infiniti uses) with the carbon alamid shell. this is, like the normal ZETA III, is compatible with the 5pt seat harness. Hans is adaptable, too. ZETA III Japan retails at $1200 USD. not bad for a carbon seat as if it was from our line lol normally the ZETA III cfrp type retails at $1750 USD. oh, and its FIA approved 🙂

最近、新しいシート出しました。ZETA IIIのハイエンド版のJapanシリーズです。シートカバーは日産純正(Z34のドアパネルとか)のスウェード素材。シートのシェルはアラミド繊維。通常のZETA III同様5点式のハーネスを使用可能です。ハンズも使えます。USでの定価は$1200。他のカーボンのフルバケと比べるとなかなかお安い。通常ZETA IIIのカーボン版は定価$1750なんで。あ、それと、FIA公認です 🙂

Fake Fake Fake, S2CarbonWorks,

another spotting of the fake BRIDE seats.

all the BRIDE seats listed here is FAKE. who ever bought them from here bragging your car is a true JDM now, too bad. its TRD ( Taiwan Research & Duplicate) product.

under the seat was Accessories section with “GRADATION” RED fabric. do you know what a gradation is? its darker color to lighter color or vise versa. that is NOT a gradation you guys have it listed there. you guys should take art classes in kindergarten so the teachers will hold your hands and use body language (since S2Carbon guys seem to not understand english) to teach you what a gradation is. but hey, no worries guys.  i’ve seen worse. people couldnt even say gradation. they say GRADUATION… lol hahahaha sure you guys are in a need of diplomas.

please, no fake.

What Happens to Fake Shiets After a While,

heres what happened to those fake shiets after a while.


who ever purchased these, remember that our spare parts wont fit.


contact who ever made these fake-ass.


BRIDE Goes to Belgium,

i just found a pic from Belgium where i sold a pair of BRIDE EXAS III for.

ベルギーにBRIDEのEXAS IIIを買って頂いたお客さんの写真を見つけた。

special thanks to Ronnie 🙂

ロニーさん有難うございます 🙂

nice driveway btw.

International Order,

got this email the other day from a customer titled as “International Orders”.


here’s that email.


「Dear Sir

My name is  xxxxxxx from singapore I would like to buy some goods below :


Please tell me when you have them in your stock. If you do not have them,

please tell me what is in your inventory right now.
But, if you do have them, please send me the price list or the total cost.
About the payment, I do hope that I could use my credit cards, because it is

the fastest and safest way for me. Besides, I will get a good rate and good

cash back from the credit card issuer.
And please tell me what time do you ONLINE ?
I hope I could send my credit card details when you are ONLINE, so you could

check the validity of the card and proceed my order at the same time.
I will be looking forward to hear from you.
Thanks and Regards,

Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Singapore,

hey hey, we are BRIDE, not SPARCO lol


this guys seems like a scam. sounded fishy to me. why did he desperately wanted to use the credit and why did he wanted me to check validity (why not verify? lol) the text looks funky too. probably used a translation tool. speaking of translation tools, some people actually check my blog to see if they are correct or not lol got some referrs from the translation result pages. guess im not trusted by some of the readers lol hahha


well anyways, heard theres a lot of scams out in Singapore. and aftermarket industry seems to have these kind of azz holes around . oh my oh my.


Ugh Fakes Again,

fake fake fake… fwak fwak fwak… whats up with them now? yea you XO2 Racing in El Monte. and others that are selling this on the forums. stop contacting my dealers to sell the counterfeit shiet fwaks. please. heard they are still selling the fake TAKATA harnesses as well. probably has a fake penis and a blow up doll girlfriend sitting on the couch.

USED GIAS Sport For Sale,

i still have Kent’s used GIAS Sport here!! anyone interested?



my buddy Hiro-kun sent me this from his iPhone.


he found a new BRIDE seat… lol

i have the paddings in stock right now 🙂


今ヘッドパッド在庫にあるからねぇ 🙂

Drifting Event May 2nd,

past weekend was a drifting event at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA. the first event for them. there was a lot of visitors arriving at the venue then i was expecting. became a pretty busy day for us since we had our booth near the entrance 🙂 special thanks to Ali!!

先週末はカリフォルニア州、アナハイムのエンジェル・スタジアムでドリフトのイベントが開催されました。思ってたよりも会場にはお客さんが多かったですねぇ。ウチは中々忙しかったですよお蔭様です。ブースの場所も入り口のすぐ側だったので 🙂 D1のUS役員のアリーに感謝っす!!

had booth with WEDS wheels 🙂 that florescent yellow wheel was a eye candy.

今回はWEDSさんと一緒にブースの出展でした 🙂 あの蛍光イエローはかなりの注目でした。

this guys right here.


below are the other wheel we had there as for display.


we had the XAX II Limited Edition, and the new ZETA III XL (US only) as display.

ウチはXAX IIの限定版と、新商品のZETA IIIのXL(US販売のみ)をディスプレイしました。

Jason from MINE’S had a kool idea of displaying the shirts. Arigato mang 🙂

マインズのジェイソンがカッコよくTシャツをディスプレイしてくれました。ありがと 🙂

in front of us was GReddy, and Sasha Singleton was modeling. i loved her more before she got the implants… she is still hot, but i prefer the non-implants. who agrees with me???


over all, the event was… below average. why? first of all, the day for set-up, this one dude with some shades on came by with the kick-board strolling around our booth. came by and told us “you guys fuked it up.” i mean, wtf? buddy of mine told me the booth is here and i double checked with isle spacing and everything. and this kick-board shades motha fucka swings by and tells me to move. talking to me like that? couple minute later, he figured out HE was WRONG. but, never said sorry or anything. i was about to run up to him and jack his kick-board, throw it in the trash-can, shatter his cheapy shades, tie him up and drag that fool with my Z around the drift course.


i understand this was the first event. but wish it was more organized.