Amazing Tetris,

hahahha thats crazzyyyy!! lol


also, we and Ryo found this stupid clip…


in a PS2? lol this guy is so random… hahha


Where I was at,

guess where i was at (hint: my shoes!)


was at the gym.


who said i was slacking off!?


a little soup afterwards 🙂

ちょっとしたスープを後で 🙂

Sunday Sunday Sunday,

good morning Sunday with a red curry for breakfast 🙂

オハヨウ俺の日曜日、そして朝ごはんのレッドカレー 🙂

i was at Orange County’s LAB right by Zipangu.  i saw my friend walking around. hahaha didnt say hi, but i saw you Mari.


and went to the Sushi place 🙂

そして回転寿司へ 🙂

wooo hooo spinning sushiiiiiis at Kaisen, Costa Mesa!!


i tried panning the sushis with my cell phone 🙂

流れる寿司を携帯で流し撮りしてみた 🙂

not bad yea? hahahaha


over 20 plates of sushi throw down.


Growing Shino

how i grew six three.


🙂 good ol’ days at Phaze smoking patio lol

🙂 Phazeの喫煙所での良き思い出w

thanks for the pics Isac!


Causing Traffic

she causes some mad traffic sometimes.


and that one in the pink on the right, every morning she is wearing the same out fit, pushing the baby kart, shaking her azz… wtf


JDM vs. KDM, Round 2

JDM vs KDM, Round 2

buddy signed on at 2:42:32 PM.

buddy: I just farted in an empty snapple bottle, and I want you to open having your nose right above the cap.

buddy: wtf?? lol

me: is that korea’s lethal weapon??

me: hahaha

buddy: Lol

buddy: Kimchii fart

buddy: intoxication

buddy: oh damn

me: Lol

me: we gotta fight back with the wasabi bomb

buddy: Silent

buddy: But veryyy deadly

me: lol!!

buddy: I wouldn’t ill call my white brotha to drop an a bomb

me: Hahahhahahaahaha

buddy: It’ll fuckin wipe u out

buddy: Hahahaahahaahaha

buddy: And give u jdm grill

buddy: Lmfao

me: hahahahaha

me: damn what should we japanese do…

buddy: Nothing

me: we’re gonna close out the HENTAI stuffs!!!

me: no more hentai for you mang

buddy: Or u can go kamakazi

buddy: And fart till u die

buddy: Naw americans r catching up to hentai

buddy: Have u ever sen those disney anime porn

buddy: Fuckin hilarioussssss

me: damn we got nothing left then lol

buddy: Lol

buddy: I wanna see jasmine from aladdan get fucked by abu the monkey

buddy: I’d rather see that then see goku fuck chichi

buddy: Hahahhahahahhahaha

buddy: Hahaahahahahhaha

me: hell yea my two dragon balls gonna make the wish come true

buddy: That was lame

buddy: Ur trying too hard to be funny bro

buddy: Calm down

buddy: Don’t try to impress me

me: 😦  

buddy: Ull still be my friend dude

buddy: Lol

buddy: Hahahaha

me: ass hole… lol

buddy signed off at 3:s6:33 PM.


Round 2 result,

JDM Pwned again


JDM vs. KDM, Round 1

JDM vs KDM, Round 1

buddy: Suck a penguin dick!!

me: hahahahahaha

buddy: It’ll be very cold

me: you get you fuckn tongue stuck on the penguin’s cock

buddy: U ever been fucked by a penguin?

buddy: Hahahahaha

buddy: U would know right cuz uve tried it

buddy: !!!

buddy: I knew it!!!!

buddy: Caught red handed!!!

me: i wasnt fucked,

buddy: Lmfaooo!!

buddy: Pwnedddd

buddy: Hahahhhahaha


buddy: Noone but u knows on that

buddy: Hahahahahaha

buddy: Did u break the ice

buddy: And fall into the water

buddy: Hahahahhhaah

me: it got melted with my sperm

buddy: And had ur dick freeez and stuck in the penguins asshole

buddy: And he started flappin its wings and u cruised around under water 100mph

buddy: Hahahahahaha

me: lol

buddy: U fuckin 75% percented jap pervert

me: hahahaha

buddy: you 100% korean talking about sucking a penguin dick… lol

me: Hahahaaha

buddy: We talk about it

me: But u guys do it

buddy: Hahahahahahaha

buddy: Difference..my friend

buddy: Lol

buddy: U perverted bastards



Results, JDM pwned



super random email i sent to my buddy at Honda Access.


El Yamaditos Ryo A’La Modelista
Yo’ Brothaditos es todos graduationette pictorial todo lo que fue?
With Best Regards,
Shino J Fujisawa



i was just bored at work… and he still havent gave me the pics from his younger brother’s high school graduation last year…  lol gonna get it today finally 🙂

Random Convo.

Mr. Random (1:21:33 PM): I just had a total stoner moment
Mr. Ranom (1:21:36 PM): and I wasn’t high 
Me (1:21:46 PM): hahaha 
Mr. Ranom (1:22:00 PM): have you ever thought about piss
Mr. Ranom (1:22:10 PM): its fluid rushing out of our bodies
Mr. Ranom (1:22:16 PM): very strange 
Me (1:22:23 PM): wtf are you….? lol
Mr. Ranom (1:22:23 PM): and yet we hide ourselves when it happens
Mr. Ranom (1:22:30 PM): its like
Mr. Ranom (1:22:37 PM): dont like at the water coming out of my body!!
Mr. Ranom (1:22:42 PM): hahahahahahahahahahaha
Me (1:22:51 PM): dude…
Me (1:22:52 PM): hahahaha
Mr. Ranom (1:22:58 PM): i swear man
Mr. Ranom (1:23:01 PM): I feel like I am high
Mr. Ranom (1:23:18 PM): I think someone drugged me
Me (1:23:33 PM): its the economy
Me (1:23:45 PM): o8ama-san did it
Mr. Ranom (1:24:11 PM): obama drugged me
Mr. Ranom (1:24:42 PM): how about this fucking exchange rate
Mr. Ranom (1:24:52 PM): goddamn

Dont Waste Fax

Attn: Brian (you know which Brian i’m talking about)

quit wasiting papers and ink in my fax!!! hahahaha