REDLINE Time Attack

Time Attack-ness, Auto Club Speedway

went to Auto Club Speedway for the past two days.


well eh, enough words and lets have the pics do all the talking.


here’s a set of the Redline Time Attack, Pro Track Challenge/Pro Time Attack, and Moto IQ PTCC.

これはレッドラインタイムアタック、プロ・トラックチャレンジ/プロ・タイムアタックにMoto IQ PTCCのセットです。

equipment used: Canon EOS 7D, Canon 70-200mm F2.8L HSM, Canon 18-55mm F3.5/5.6 IS, 1.4 tele-converter.

使った機材: Canon EOS 7D, Canon 70-200mm F2.8L HSM, Canon 18-55mm F3.5/5.6 IS, 1.4テレコン。


Art of Motorsport, Redline Time Attack Day One,

quick edit of the shots from today. a lot more open areas for the media people today.


some of the usual guys and some of the new comer guys running the track. o yea, Lotus Cup was here. whole row of garage was invaded by Lotus. wish i can fit in one LOL


by the way,

it was nice seeing you Alex!! 🙂 thanks for always following my blog. it was a great pleasure to meet you. shoot me over a email regarding the FX seat rail!! i will check back with the details when i’m back in the office 🙂

and yes, the oobies!! hahahah

Redline Time Attack Final, Day One

went to Redline Time Attack today even though i’m hella sick… yea i feel you too Rogan-san lol but i aint taking that Wild Turkey… hahha but yea, sunny day out in Fontana it was. became windy after lunch though. and my lips got hella dry… i always forget my chapstick to these outdoor events in open field.

今日はRedline Time Attackに行って来ました。むっちゃ風邪だったけど…ローガン、わかるよお前のその風邪(笑。でもね、俺はワイルドターキーで治そうとはしないぜww。そんな事は置いといて、フォンタナは良い天気でした。ランチの後は風がスゴかったけど。唇もめっちゃ乾いた。いぃーっつも外のイベントで忘れるんだよねリップクリーム(日本語でなんて言うんだっけ?w)。

not many spectators were there. maybe because it was the first day.


but yea anyways, here’s the shots from the first day. i won’t be going tomorrow (gotta do laundries lol and fix my mom’s computer). some guy was next to me with a nice telephoto lens, but was disappointing. had the green on… 😦 if i get judged by what equipment i have and use, that’s bull shiet. my zoom is a under $400 cheapy with slow focus and no image stabilizer. and i still take better shots than those spoiled kids with some high end equipment!! lol

とまぁ、そんな感じで初日の写真です。明日は行きません(洗濯しなきゃだしオカンのコンピューター直さなきゃだし)。そういえば隣に立ってたヤツが中々イイ望遠つけてたけど、残念な感じだったよ。フルオートだった… 😦 っつーか持ってる機材で俺の価値を決めるって言うんだったらウンコだは。俺の望遠ズームは$400以下のおっそいフォーカスで手ブレ補正ついてない。それでもどっかの高級機材使ってるヤツよりイイ写真撮るぜッ!!笑

enjoy the shots.



Motorsport in Black and White, Redline Time Attack

went to Redline Time Attack Round 4 today, at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana CA. weather was great with heated asphalts and burning sun with minor, really minor breeze to cool it off a bit. over all, it was hot!! great to see a lot more spectators today than usual. turn outs being good.


AE PERFORMANCE Z34. my customer 🙂 i dont see a RECARO on the driver… 😛 lol

AE PERFORMANCEのZ34。ウチのお客 🙂 運転席にレカロなんか見えないよ… (笑

and another customer of us, Mike.


waiting for the session to begin. did they change the rules for media this year? i was not able to stand between the fences. hated the securitas calling me “hey guy”… i wanted to throw some grasses at him lol.


yes go Paul.



REDLINE Time Attack, Day Two

day two of REDLINE. its was hella windy this morning… shiets were flying every where. special thanks to Tree-san for the carne-asada-san!! 🙂 Buddy Club had a BBQ next to their booth, next to the woman’s restroom.

レッドラインの二日目です。風がスッゲー強かった…色んなモノが宙を舞ってたよ。ツリーがカーニーアサーダ作ってくれた。アリガトッ!!:) バディークラブのブースが横でBBQやってたよ。その隣が女子トイレ。


REDLINE Time Attack, Day One

here at Auto Club Speedway (ex California Speedway) for REDLINE Time Attack. weather is nice and clear 🙂

オートクラブスピードウェイ(カリフォルニアスピードウェイ)レッドラインタイムアタックのため来てます。天気は良好 🙂


To Fontana,

tomorrow, and Sunday.


heading to Fontana for Redline Time Attack for some pisx.


last week was Riverside, this week is to Fontana. where to next?? lol


LOT USA Time Attack Event


2009 will be LOT USA/BRIDE’s 15th anniversary. i will be lauching a time attack event partnered with REDLINE Time Attack on May 23rd 2009 over at California Speedway (Auto Club Speedway) in Fontana, CA. still planning on different plans right now for the track event… there will be vendor spaces of course and depending on availablity, i will have a car show as well. of course, no FAKE shiets in this event 🙂 . RECARO, SPARCO owners are more then welcome as well and any other seat owners 🙂 what i want to do is to have fun during the event and have more people get experienced on track.  and of course celebrate our 15th anniversary. other then the track event, i will be throwing a party in Hollywood, or maybe in LA. still talking over dinero issues and others with my promoters. once all the files and proposals are completed, i can open the vehicle registration for the event. hopefully i can square off everything early December and start collecting funds. i know its becoming a last minute… i just gotta do what i can do right now. please keep your eyes out for the event. if you have any question, leave a comment with your email listed so i can email you directly with information 🙂 thanks guys!! please look foward t this event!!

2009年は弊社LOT USA/BRIDEは15周年を迎えさせて頂きます。それに伴い、REDLINE Time Attackさんと共同でタイムアタックのイベントを主催させて頂きます。日程は5月23日(土)、カリフォルニア州のフォンタナにあるカリフォルニアスピードウェイにて開催します。まだ細かい事を色々と考え中でして…ちゃんとベンダー用の展示スペースも確保してあります。余裕があれば、ちょっとしたカーショーなんかもやろぅかと思ってます。もちろん、偽者は厳禁です 🙂 何がしたいかってただ単純に楽しみたいだけです。もっと大勢の人にモータースポーツの楽しみをわかってもらいたいので。それともちろん15周年記念を祝うためッス。サーキットイベント意外に、ハリウッド、もしくはLAでクラブでもやろうか考えてます。まだまだ金銭面でのお話が進んでおらず困ったもんです。プロモーターの皆さんとの打ち合わせも中々進まず。ファイルやら企画書が全て整い次第、車輌のレジストを受け付け開始しますんで。12月の頭には全て片付けて、費用を色々と掻き集めたいですね。なんかもう全てがギリギリになって来てる…今出来る事をやるっ気ゃないッス。皆様、お目目を光らせておいて下さいまし。何か質問等ありましたらコメントを残して頂いて、Eメールなんかを一緒に書いておいてもらえればこちらから連絡します 🙂 イベント楽しみにしてて下さいねっ!!

REDLINE Time Attack -more photos-

here are more photos from the time attack. only if i had the media pass and the zoomy lens… lol i could of got better shots… gotta get things ready.



Driving Ambition. too bad i couldnt meet Shad in person. Driving Ambition is my very first customer who bought some NSX LSD kits when we first oficially distributed (not grey marketing) OS Giken.

Driving Ambitionは僕の一番最初のお客さんです。以前OS技研がUSでグチャグチャになっていた時に(理由を知っているだけに気まずい…)LOT USAが正規輸入元になった時にNSX用のデフを買ってくれた最初のお客様です。オーナーに会えなかったのが残念。彼は来てなかったそうです。

koooool someone actually had the ZODIA (Elise & Exige exclusive seat) installed into their car!! this seat, its really small. only half of my ‘crack’ fits… unfotunately, the seat itself is not FIA approved… wondering if Japan will it FIA approved or not… people do ask us about it.. i doubt it though 😦


literally, this guy had smokes coming out from the hood vent. what happned?


BMW. i forgot if it was this guy or the other BMW, but every single turn i saw, the tires were locking…


GST’s GC8. (thanks Dom lol)


Crawford’s Sti. how come i don’t see more of these guys on the street? personally, i like this more then the EVO X. i see the EVO X a lot mor often. hmmm…


Road Race Engineering’s Eclipse. i think i saw this at MOD.

Road Race Engineeringのエクリプス。昨日のMODに居たと思う。



i saw this Miata overtaking one of the evo on the straight… was the evo going slow? or this Miata was super duper fast? didn’t seem to be that fast when exiting the corner…


COBB’s R35 GTR. so, how did the GTR go? should kept the score…


should i be a model? haahha thanks for the pic arthur 🙂


REDLINE Time Attack

before wirting about my friend’s wedding, lemme finish with the motorsport stuffs first 🙂 July 19th and 20th was the RED LINE Time Attack at AUTO CLUB SPEEDWAY (ex-California Speedway) in Fontana, CA. didnt really know California Speedway changed their name. or did AAA bought it? hmmm… oh well as long as its still there, its all good. but yea, it was my first time going to the RED LINE Time Attack events. i just didnt had enough time on weekends. busy with friends and girls lol. Mr. B from LOT USA wanted me to go take some pictures. he told me Rice Boy TV will spot me a Media Pass (which never happened…) so i can go take pics and Mr. B can enjoy the pics. i asked him “are you coming with me?” and the answers is of course “NO”. hahha just as i expected.

先輩の結婚式の事をブログの記事にする前にまずモータースポーツ系の方を終らせましょう:)。7月の19日と20日はカリフォルニア州はフォンタナにあるAUTO CLUB SPEEDWAY(旧カリフォルニアスピードウェイ)に行ってきました。ここで最近認知度が上がっているRED LINE Time Attackが行われました。でもいつのまにここ名前が変わったんだろう?AAAが買収したのかな?まぁ、まだ残ってるんだし、気にしないx2。このタイアタックのイベント、実は初・遊びに行きでした。週末とか時間があんまし無かったんだよねぇ。友達とか、お姉ちゃんと遊んだりとかで(笑。弊社のMr.Bが「写真撮ってきなよ」の一言で始まり、Rice Boy TVのスタッフとして行く事に(結局メディアパスも何も無かったが…次回は最初から登録して行こう。)ちなみに弊社Mr.Bに「一緒に来られますか?」と聞いたところ、即答でNO。予想通り(笑

it was great that i have attended the RED LINE Time Attack. my main reason was to go visit Mike from Double Down Motor Sports. i’ve known him for over a year now and never met him. he has been supporting BRIDE and has been a great customer 🙂 i am so proud of being a part of his crew, its my honor. i always wanted to talk to him face to face instead of screen to screen. and yes i finally met him in person. good to put a face together now Mike!! 🙂 here are some pics.

タイムアタックは遊びに行って良かったです。一番の理由はDouble Down Motor Sportsと言うショップのドライバー、マイクに会いに行く事でした。 かれこれ1年以上の付き合いになりますが、一度も会った事はありません。マイクは最高のお客様です。スポンサー契約を交わしているのですが、彼はかなりマジメに情報をアップデートしてくれます。やはりこれぐらいやってもらわないと他の子達も。彼のチームの一員となれた事を誇りに思います。でもやっぱ実際に会って話したい!面と向かって。って事でようやく会えました先日。やっと名前と顔を一致できたよ!!笑。そんな彼の写真です。

i forgot to take a picture with you… well, theres always a next time!!


as i promised Dom from ENDLESS USA, here are the pics!!

ENDLESS USAのドムと約束したので、写真だよぉードム!!

sorry i had the wrong setting on my camera… 😦


check the pressure!! lol


ENDLESS USA has been updating us with their vehicle too. and its a great pleasure for us to work with teams like you guys who actually update us. not many people updates us. they just ask for a full sposorship and dont even enter a show nor race. and just talk b/s “why arent you giving me the seats blah blah blah” mf stfu mang… lol but yea, its been a honor for me to be part of the two’s crew 🙂

ENDLESS USAさんもちゃーんと情報を更新してくれています。レースがあった時は必ず結果報告を送ってくれて、イベントで出展する際も連絡をくれます。さっすがエンドレス。こーいったチームの一員とになれた事を大変感謝しております。スポンサー契約を結んでもマメに情報を更新してくれる所は少ないです。協賛してよぉーと軽いノリで来て、レースも出ないしイベントにも車を出展しない。それで文句ばっかタレると来たもんだ。「なんでシートタダじゃ無理なのぉ?」って。ウッセーよテメー砂にすんぞごるぅあ!?…ふふ…2チーム共最高のパートナーです!!