J from C2 shared a link with me of a BRIDE seat for HONDA Ruckus that BOWLS makes. first off, please take a look at the image below. it looks pretty sweet 🙂 good job BOWLS.

C2のジェイからホンダ・ルーカス用のBRIDEシートがあるとの連絡が。まずは下の写真を見て下さいな。これがまた結構良く出来てるんですよね :) BOWLS、良くやった。

***Courtesy of BOWLS LA***

not really bad huh? matched our leather seat theme, the red stitching as well. actually, if i had a HONDA Ruckus, i will get these of course. looks pretty damn good to me. as long as they dont claim it as a genuine BRIDE seat manufactured by BRIDE, i have no problem at all. but once they cause us b/s, mang… once we had a conflict with Aerocatch’s hood pin. those Canadian counterfeiter a$$ holes used our holding monster logo on their copy righted hood pin and sold it on eBay. we alomost got sued lol if this kind of issue will happen with these guys, i will be pissed off. found a shot of the seat installed.



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