Why a Full Bucket?

*BRIDE ZETA III(F31GMF) shown* of course FIA approved 🙂

so, why choose a full bucket? it does not recline, cant spread your legs, a tight fit, your girl friend hates it, etc etc etc. so what? lol well, not “so what” but… hahha. full bucket is only one of the choice from all the seats if you will be tracking your car, canyon driving, dirt driving drifting, or any of the other sport driving. full bucket type seat is to support the driver and to protect the driver. yes it will not recline because the strength of the seat will be partly lost because of the recliner mechanism between the top portion and the bottom portion of the two shells contouring the seat. yes you cant spread your legs like a gangsta driving because of the supportive side bolsters for human ergonomic reasons and to support your body roll from the causing interia from the vehicle movement. and its a tight fit with same reason. supporting your body. sorry if your girl friend hates it. but hey, think about it when she sits in the bucket. you might be able to get a free shot if shes wearing a skirt. you must be a gentlemen to open her the door to actually open HER door lol.

なんでフルバケを選ぶか?リクラインしないし、足は広げられないし、狭い(キツイ)し、彼女は嫌がるし、etc etc etc。だから何よ?笑。まぁ、「だから何よ?」って言うのもひどい感じだけど(笑。フルバケは一つの選択肢であって、サーキット走行やら峠を走る時とかダートコース遊ぶ時やらドリフトする時とかその他大勢のスポーツ・ドライビングを楽しむ人の一つの選択肢です。フルバケはドライバーをサポートして、守るモノです。リクラインはしません。だって二分割されたシートのシェル+リクライニング機構の分強度は落ちるから。足を広げて「セルシオやぞボケッ!?ってヤンキー運転出来ません。だって両サイドのボルスターが走行中のドライバーにかかる慣性を吸収してくれるから。 それに人体力学に基づいてちゃんと設計されてます。体にピッタリなのも同じ理由。まぁ、助手席に座る女の子がフルバケを嫌がるのはしょうがない。でも座る瞬間を考えてみて下さい。そこにチラリズムがあるかもしれないこのドキドキ感。まぁスカートの場合だけど。ジェントルメンになって彼女のドアを開けてあげよう。「彼女の社会の窓」が開くかも(笑。

some people does not quite understand the need of full bucket seat. its not a must need item for a show car because your vehicle is going to a car show and it looks cool when you have them. we make them with safety as our main focus and to improve performance of the driver. for the car, it will be one of the weight reductions. but for the driver, it will affect your lap time. one of the magazines in Japan (forgot if it was Option Magazine or Rev Speed) have tested the seat at the track. first off with the stock seat’s time attack. lets say the lap time was 1minute flat as an example since i dont have the article with me right now. the switch the seat to the full bucket. the time is now 59.82seconds. why? how come its only a change of the seat and became faster? did it give extra horse power? it is because of the minor weight reduction and the driver’s controllability have increased with the full bucket seat’s support. because with the study of human ergonomics upon designing the seats, the seat gives you more allowance upon driving. with the stock seats, your body will move around like a little kid in those ballon filled house thingy. but with the supportive shoulder bolsters and the side bolsters, you have more contorl over the steering wheel with less intertia affecting you leading to a less “kid in the balloon filled house thingy”. lets have drifting as an example. you will be sliding around on the seat cracking your head open if you hit the roll cages. but with the full bucket, you will be securely be seated with much more less movement in the seat. with the full bucket seat, your eye level will be lowered as well just like you are changing your view on Gran Tourismo 5 on PS3 or any of those race games.

たまにフルバケの必要性がわかってない人が居ます。別に展示車輌に絶対必要なアイテムってわけじゃありません。まぁ確かに見た目はカッコイイけどこれは機能美です。機能してこその美学。フルバケを作る理由は安全性と運動性の向上のためにあります。車体にとっては軽量化がメインになります。他は特に無いと言えば無いです(笑。人間にとってはラップタイムの更新とか色々と意味があります。昔雑誌の特集で(OptionだったかRev Speedだったか忘れました)純正シートとフルバケのタイムの差を測った企画がありました。最初は純正のシートでタイムアタックへ。タイムを例えばここで1分フラットとしましょう。今雑誌持ってないんでこのタイムはただの例えです。そして次のタイムアタックはフルバケを装着してのアタック。結果は59.82秒。なぜか?たかがシートを交換しただけでラップタイムって上がるモノなの?まさか馬力上がったとか?正解は車体のちょっとした軽量化とドライバーの運転力が上がったから。人体力学に基づいて設計されたシートはドライバーにもっと余裕を持たせてくれます。限界点の向上とでも言いましょうかね。純正シートだと風船で埋まった家の遊び場(アメリカ特有?)の中みたいにフッラフラな状態です。でもフルバケは両肩のボルスターやら腿のボルスターなんかで安定性を保っています。これによってステアリングの操作がしやすく、体も動かないのでペダルワークも確実です。もう「風船で埋まった家の遊び場」みたいなフラフラ状態にはなりません。例えばドリフトの時なんかは違いがわかりやすいでしょうね。クルマが横向いて進んでる時に純正のシートならかなり動き回ります。どっかにしがみついてないとふっ飛ぶ人もいるでしょうね。ロールケージに頭打って脳みそがコンニチワしたらシャレにならないっしょ。でもフルバケなら大丈夫(やっすい広告のキャッチコピーみたいw)。それに目線が下がるのもタイムに影響しています。簡単に言えばグランツーリスモとか他のレースゲームの類の「視点変更」と同じですね。

hopefully, more people can understand the existence of the full bucket seats and enjoy motor sport 🙂



many of my dealers and customers are telling me there is a fake GIAS out in the forum. the posts are asking for group buys of 10 pieces. below is the image i got from the BMW forum.


hahha it has a black FRP shell wtf. this guy spelled GIAS wrong too. he wrote GAIS on the description. hahha he should spell it G-A-Y-A-S-S. this fake GIAS seems to be around the forums for a while. Yesterday, admin for one of the HONDA forum called me regarding this fake GIAS. He told me he had couple threads about them so he deleted for me. thanks Eric!!

ウケる!!GIASなのにシェルが黒のFRP。GIAS SportがFRPのシェルだけど、これはシルバーのラメラメのFRP使用。黒ではないっす。しかもシートの詳細の所でGIASのつづり間違えてるし。GAISって…笑。どーせならG-A-Y-A-S-Sって書きゃーいいのに。結構この偽者のGIASは出回ってるみたいで…HONDA系のフォーラムのアドミンから昨日連絡があって、消しといたからぁー♪と有り難い行為が。助かります。エリック有難う!!

as i read through the whole thread about the group buy some people did buy them. Eric over at Drive Line Motoring said he actually saw the fake GIAS in the car. the owner didn’t say it was real but didn’t say it was a fake either. if they bought it knowing its a fake, they should have some integrity toward the FAKE thing. if they are gonna feel some guilt or be disgraceful about it, why buy them?


from this thread (or threads) people are now emailing me diectly asking me if its fake or not. why wont they use common sense? i mean, if they are on the forums only, can’t they at least sense it somehow that something might be wrong with the seat? of course the seller will say “yes” to all the questions like “is it comfortable?”. some guy wrote “yea the seat looks identical. the cloth looks identical. blah blah blah”… okay mister, enough lecture for the GIAS seat.


i don’t really care if people buys this fake GIAS or any of the fake BRIDE seats out in the market.  what ever happens to them, its not our fault. one time, Taka Aono was at a auto cross (or something) event driving a car with a fake BRIDE ERGO II. during a turn, the seat could not hold the G any more. the back rest snapped off. good thing he wasnt driving that thingy on the street. it could have caused him a huge accident. if it happened to you, well thats too bad. you should have kept safety as your first consideration.  not price or the looks of the actual product. even the GIAS is not FIA approved (i don’t think any of the recliners in the market are), but still its been approved by the NAPAC associatin of Japan. does the fake GIAS has any approval? i doubt it.

偽もんを買おうが正直僕の知った事では無い。何が起きても責任は取らないし取れない。買った商品が偽者だったら。以前ドライバーの青野タカさんがジムカーナか何かのイベントの時に乗った車が偽もんのERGO IIをつけたらしいのですが。試乗の際にシートがGに耐え切れず背もたれが折れたそうです。これが道で運転している時じゃなくて本当に良かった。大事故につながっていたかもしれないですからね。もし同じ体験をした人、正直な話、同情もしません。シートを購入の際に安全第一で考えなかったのがいけないと思います。値段でも、商品の見た目でもなく。確かにGIASはFIAを取得していません。でも ちゃんとNAPACの認定もあります。偽者の方はどうだろぅ?無いだろうね。

he full bucket/recliner seat is there supporting your life.

i would like more people to understand the significance of the racing seat.