Santa Monica Antique Flea Market

Antique and Collectibles,

went to the Long Beach flea market this past Sunday. btw i had such a hang over from Saturday night… started from 9pm and ended around 5pm. shiet was gone.. hahha thanks to everyone that came!! 😀

この間の日曜日は久しぶりにロングビーチのフリマへ行って来ました。ちなみに土曜日からのひどい二日酔いでした…午後9時に始まり午前5時に終了。ちょー無理ww。来てくれた皆アリガトウ!! 😀

good thing it wasnt raining when we came.


didnt find the camera i was looking for… 😦

探してたカメラは見つからなかった… 😦

found a lot of toys this time.


Flea Markets and Farmer’s Market,


went to the Santa Monica Antique Flea Market over the weekend. didnt find anything though… unlike the Long Beach Antique Flea Market, it was really small. the only thing i was interested were those fries and hot dogs, which i didnt get to eat it 😦 haha