Aerodynamics, the Science of

many people thinks that aero kits (body kits) and gt wings are just for looks. i’ve seen a lot of lame ones with a inlet, and there is no outlet on the other side. wtf mang where will all those extra flow of the air be going??  and those Z3 fenders. there is a meaning for the Z3 to have the outlets on the fender at that particular position. not just for looks. will that air thats been taken in be cooling down your side markers or something? i hate those Z3 style fender kits. piece of crap. and those random body kits just for looks. not to mention who, but those guys should study more from the F1 scenes instead of doing R&D as in Research and Duplicate. found a great website for them to study. 

great page of the aerodynamics upon the F1 cars.


heres one thats been written in Japanese.


heres a pic i found of the wind tunnel testing.


even skiers test at the wind tunnel!!