1st Anniversary, Fabulous at Libertine Los Angeles,

wow, its already been a year since we started this. lot to look back.


Yutaka-san is working on the website right now. should be running the new layout soon.


till the launch, here’s a few from the anniversary event.


thanks for the continuing support.


Deep Black,

shots from last night’s Fabulous at Libertine.

昨晩のFabulous at Libertineの写真。

i love using the transmitter now.


i love this underground-ness of the shots. official update will be in color at shortly. but for now, enjoy the monochromatic version for some of the shots.


special guest, DJ Fumi aka Hilow from C.O.R.E. Entertainment

ちょいと早いけど誕生日おめでとうユウキ 🙂

thanks for all who came last night!! see you next time 🙂

来て頂いた皆さん有り難うございます!!また次回もぜひ 🙂

FABULOUS at Libertine,

renewed!! FABULOUS at Libertine will now be every 1st Saturday 🙂

same location, more love!! no wait, that sounded corny… lol

undecided for this weekend? swing by to Libertine on Sunset Blvd to join us!!

house music FTW!!

will be there as a photographer as usual.

for details, please review the flyer.

FABULOUS Night at Libertine Los Angeles,

as usual the crowds were FABULOUS at Libertine 🙂

毎度おなじみ、盛り上がりは最高だったFABULOUS 🙂

only down side was that they double booked it… lol


but yea, shiet happens hahhaha


more pictures will be uploaded on the web, soon. currently they are re-doing the web site right now. stay tuned…


It was Fabulous,

at Libertine 🙂

リバティーンにて 🙂

great crowd as usual!!


we had special live Bass and Guitar!! special thanks to Kawasaki-san 🙂

今回はベースとギターのライブセッションも!!有難うございますカワサキさん 🙂

and we had,


Nao with his percussions!!


fun night it was.


rest of the pics will be uploaded at afro99 soon!!


If You Got No Plans for Tonight,

come by to Libertine on Sunset Blvd and join us for the night!! 21+, no cover charge 🙂

土曜の夜の予定に困っている人はサンセット沿いにあるリバティーンへっ!!21歳以上、入場無料ッ 🙂

for all the house music lovers!! 🙂

ハウス好きの皆さぁぁ〜〜ん!! 🙂