Asian Poses,

asians with poses. how many are there? i dont know…


here’s one. “Punch to the Face”


Hwang Mi Hee,

there are also “Giant Heart” where the heart must be symmetrical or else fail.


there are more poses at his blog so check them out!!


MAXIM’s 2009 HOT 100,

here’s the top 3 hot woman from MAXIM.

#3, Bar Refaeli

MAXIM say’s: “if there’s any evidence that the Middle East is a land of beauty and wonder, not just unending turbulence, Bar is it. the 24 year old Israeli supermodel with the brain blowing bod scorched the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit isse this year, sending lonely high school gym coaches across the country into cardiac arrest at their mailboxes. these days, you can watch her hosting MTV’s Hous of Style, if you’re into that sort of thing. o just keep staring at this incredibly hot photo.”

#2, Megan Fox

MAXIM say’s: “seriously, do women get more painfully hot than this? Megan Fox has the face of an angel, a body so perfect that God may have carved it out of soap while in the shower, and sex appeal that could melt a unicorn’s horn, plus, we hear she smells like clouds! look for Megan as robot baitin Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a cheerleader in Jennifer’s Body, and a beauty beguiling Josh Brolin’s disfigured gunslinger in Jonah Hex. and look for us to keep typing “Megan Fox” in Google image search!”

#1, Olivia Wilde

MAXIM say’s: “we may not know a McDreamy from a McNugget, but when it comes to TV doctors, there is only one who maes our body temperature rise. the pulse-quickening internist played by Olivia Wilde on Hous, M.D. is named thirteen (which we presume is out of 10) and has terminal illness that causes her to dabble in the drugs and casual sex. (that’s how we want to go!) but we were drooling over this NYC native long before she was injected into Fox’s hit medical drama. roles on small-screen faves The Black Donnellys and The O.C. introduced Olivia to the world, but it’s her prehistoric part in this month’s Year One that will put her on top of it. as the object of Cro-Magnon lust in the Judd Apatow produced, Harlod Ramis-directed, Jack Black-starring camedy, Olivia will surely knock moviegoers back to the Stone Age. Ugh!”

For Tuan

as promised to Tuan, more JDM porn stars… lol hahahaha


today, will be Asami, Yuma with the big melons for Tuan!! 🙂

今日はトゥアンのためにナイス・オッパイな麻美ゆまちゃん!! 🙂

born in 1987, March 24th. yea two years younger then me. shes a good friend with Ozawa, Maria. and hopefully she can be good friends with us too lol she has an award of 2008 most appearance whatever. also she sings… lol dont know about that one but… yea hahahha


shes cute.



S1 profile:

official blog:

More Pics of Maki, Yoko

i found more pics of Maki, Yoko online 🙂


search on google or yahoo with this keyword 真木よう子 or 真木ようこ. the two will show different images online. there has been more shots uploaded online.