shut up

Fake Fake Fake, S2CarbonWorks,

another spotting of the fake BRIDE seats.

all the BRIDE seats listed here is FAKE. who ever bought them from here bragging your car is a true JDM now, too bad. its TRD ( Taiwan Research & Duplicate) product.

under the seat was Accessories section with “GRADATION” RED fabric. do you know what a gradation is? its darker color to lighter color or vise versa. that is NOT a gradation you guys have it listed there. you guys should take art classes in kindergarten so the teachers will hold your hands and use body language (since S2Carbon guys seem to not understand english) to teach you what a gradation is. but hey, no worries guys.  i’ve seen worse. people couldnt even say gradation. they say GRADUATION… lol hahahaha sure you guys are in a need of diplomas.

please, no fake.

Seriously, Shut up.

fwak you AT&T!!!! lol


why? you guys been calling us every day now with useless talks and random buuuulll shiets!! you told me i’m paying too much for our office line of the phone. ok, so we checked the recent invoices, calculated with what you said. and Bam!! we werent paying too much for the bills!! the figures you told me was more!! so i told you, sorry but we wont be taking your offer.


and why the fwak do you still call me everyday!? i even told you too!! dont call us!! and now some different mens and womens calls from AT&T wanting to talk to the manager (thats me, hahha). so i told him, he doesnt want to talk to you. period. muahahaha


dont know why they still call. they even called me twice in a row.


next time they call me, im gonna tell them the manager passed away and we will be closing the office.


What Irritated Me Today at Work,

here’s what irritated me at work today.

a email from a customer saying,

“yea HELL0 once again  i am l00king 4 seat railz 4 my 07 h0nda civic si? d0 u have any in stock @ tha m0ment?”

dude, if you are emailing a company for product inquiry, get that shit straight. how old are you? you think i’m one of your buddies that chats on AIM with you? NO i am not. i dont even know you so dont be fresh with my.

Postage Whatever Sales Call,

some random upgrade your postage service women called me just now.


she asked for a manager, so i told her i’m not here right now.


and she said, well then you might be able to help me out… she didnt get it lol


and she was just blabbing words straight out from the text trying to make me pay $30 for this whatever postage sh*t she was talking about. wasnt even listening to a word she said…


it was getting annoying so i told her, shut up.