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Akane Hotaru Photo Shoot, Off Shots

on President’s day, we had a photo shoot for Akane Hotaru with Edwin from Auto Import Craze at High End.

月曜日のプレジデンツデー(US祭日)は紅音ほたるさんの撮影がありました。Auto Import Crazeのエドウィンを一緒にハイエンドで撮影。

on a great weather in Camarillo, front street of the shop were closed.


i was there early, but some were running a little late. so we decided to bring out the chairs and watch the random people making a u-turn… lol yea, a great way to kill time 🙂 hahahaha

自分は早く着いたのですが、他がちょっと遅れていたので、皆でイスを引っ張り出してユーターンして行く人達を眺めてました…笑。いやぁーイイー時間の潰し方だったよ :) www

and here she is, in the house lol


setting up for the shoot now.


gooooooo Edwin 🙂

行けぇぇぇぇぇぇエドウィン 🙂

ahh i love this shot. Brian and Edwin.


looking waaaay too happy Brian… lol


check the Hotaru.


mang now i want those strobe lights Edwin!!


special thanks to High End and Edwin from Auto Import Craze!! 🙂