snap shot

Tokyo Night 009, Before 9pm

some pics during the set up for Tokyo Night 009 at Club Tatou.


Club Tatou, Los Angeles

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SIGMA 50mm F1.4 EX DG

i recently got SIGMA’s 50mm F1.4 EX DG 🙂

最近シグマの50mm F1.4 EX DGゲッツです 🙂

mmmm nice. came with a little carrying case as well. my other SIGMA, the 28-300mm didnt come with a case 😦 yea yea cuz this 50mm is the EX series… hahha

イイねぇ、これ。持ち運び用のケース付だったよ。自分のもう一本持ってるシグマの28-300mmなんかケースついてなかったよ 😦 これがEXとの違いか…w

took some random shots with it at home.


nice and soft 🙂 the focus point gets nice and sharp.

ヤワいねイイ感じで 🙂 ピントがあったところはスゴイくっきり。

o yea, i am now one of the Tokyo Night 009’s official camera man at the venue 🙂

あ、そうそう。東京ナイト009のオフィシャルのキャメラマンになりました 🙂

thanks to Kei and U-ki and Shin!


Saturday TETRIS

Kie came over to kill some time at my house, and Yushi swung by as well after his work.


and TETRIS has begun.


ooohh Yushi pwned.


so serious… lol


any chance?


winner 🙂 the looser gets blurred lol

勝者 🙂 敗者はボカされるのだ(笑

Thursday, Night at the Bar

i’ve been going to this bar in Torrance, CA. I am usually there thursdays talking with the bartender and the waitress there. reason why i went their every thursdays to talk to the bartender about his basketball team. he wanted me to design their uniform for the actual league. so i started visiting the bar more often to discuss about the uniform and still the routine is been continued. and yea of course the waitress there is  cutie too 🙂 thats definitely another reason why i’m there. or maybe the main reason.. hahha. went there the other day too, and took some pictures with my new camera. still not use to the settings of it… but yea i’m getting use to the feeling of the camera slowly.

最近行きつけのバーがあります。言うてもそんなお洒落なもんじゃないッス。大体木曜日はそこに居て、バーテンとウェイトレスの子とくっちゃべってますねぇ。そのバーに通い始めた理由は、そこのバーテンさんのバスケチームのユニフォームをデザインしてくれって頼まれてからですね。それで色々と打ち合わせで行くようになって今でもそれが続いてるわけです。あとはウェイトレスがめっちゃカワイイって理由もあるね:) むしろソレが一番の理由だったりして?ふふ。とまぁ、そんなわけで先日も行って来たわけですよカメラ引っさげて。ん~まだ設定に慣れないっすねぇ。でもかなり馴染んできた感じ。もっと使いこなせないと。