Random Z Photo

yesterday, i just figured out that my base for the 580EX II had a hole to screw for a tripod or what ever. hahaha i had that for like 2 months now i guess and never noticed that… lol oh well, since i figured out, lets go try it on the stand! since i do have a transmitter, had the 580 as the slave on the side. and just took a random shot last night.

昨日、580EX IIの付属ベースの下にネジ穴がある事を知りました。三脚とかストロボ用の穴だろうね。2ヶ月ぐらい使ってて初めて知ったよこお穴…(笑。せっかくなので、遊んでみようじゃないですか!トランスミッターも持ってる事なんで、580をスレイブとして使用。んで適当に撮ってみた。

woops, focused on the strob… lol