We Got a Wii,

last night, me and wifey decided to get the Wii.


the new Super Mario Brothers is awesome!!


my arms are sorta sore from the Wii Sports boxing… lol


Fusion Fridays Feb 19th at Cabana Club, pics are up now

i was at Fusion Fridays with DJ Benkay last Friday, Feb 19th, 2010. went to the venue as one of the photographers for the event. was my first time at Cabana Club in Hollywood. not bad, though it was a bit dark.

the floor was packed with people enjoying the play of DJ Benkay 🙂 couldnt really move… hahha sucks that i miss their fashion show they had. never got the schedule or anything… lol next time, i shall not miss.

below are the pics from the event.



Fusion Fridays, Hosted by Clipse

i will be attending Fusion Fridays as a photographer tonight.

今晩はFusion Fridaysにカメラマンとして参加してきます。

thanks to Benkay-san for the invite.



Thursday TGC,

Thursday night TGC again. TGC stands for, Torrance Golf Club… lol hahaha yea!!



drinking beer and swinging around the golf club.


o yea, thanks for the beer Nobu-kun!!


Nobu and Ryo. also Yushi and Frank came later. Kent was sick 😦

ノブ君とリョウちゃん。ユウシとフランクも来た。ケントは今回体調崩してた 😦