350Z Tomei Expreme Dyno Run, Results

i was at SR Motorcars.


getting my car strapped on.


hi Micchan 🙂 thanks for the beef jerky.

やっほうミッちゃん 🙂 ビーフジャーキー有り難う。

yes, finally did the dyno on the exhaust last night.


special thanks to SR Motorcars!! thanks Steve!! 🙂

SR Motorcarsのスティーブにスペシャル有り難う!! 🙂

SR Motorcars

115 East Gardena Blvd.

Gardena CA 90248


the result,


Dynojet, 7/12/2010 run type RO, run conditions 79.69°F, 1021.77mBars, humidity 20%, SAE 0.97

max horsepower: 264.08hp (baseline 250.98hp)

max torque: 228.08ft-lbs (baseline 211.31ft-lbs)

the engine is complete stock. not even a aftermarket air filter in. gasoline is 91 octane from Chevron, and the engine oil is 5W30 from ENEOS. other here and there is the HKS suspension and the OS Giken LSD only. and i gotta say thank you to Steve-san from Power Enterprise for bringing me the oil filter from Costa Mesa to Gardena 🙂 i love you Steve. no homo.

エンジンはまったくの純正です。アフターのエアーフィルターも使ってません。ガソリンはチェブ論の91オクタン。エンジンオイルはエネオスの5W30。イジったとこと言えばHKSのサスとOS技研のデフぐらい。そしてパワーエンタープライズのスティーブ、マジで有り難う!!コスタメサからオイルフィルター持って来てもらいました 🙂 愛してるぜスティーブ。モーホーじゃねーからなw。

will this be a great seller?


hi Steve-san.


great day for a dyno testing i guess?


hi Edo-san.


did a quick shot afterwards. damn wind, it knocked down my umbrella and the speedlight… lol should have brought reflectors instead.


oh, forgot to take off the plates… oh well.


Dai’s Driving Academy Final,

just noticed that the flyer was up on their web… lol


not at El Toro Air Field in Irvine anymore. this time will be at Lake Perris, Riverside. and will be drifting only. why not El Toro anymore? its because some a-hole fuked up everything.


this one kid (heard it was a blue Mitsubishi) was in the restricted area making doughnuts by the big balloon where the park is. thinking that he is the shiet. one of the lady has warned the kid the place is off-limits and he/she/them is distracting the visitors. the kid should have just left.


i believe they saw the woman whom warn him/her/they leaving the area. and those ass holes decided to tailgate her and threat her on the freeway. of course the woman reported to the police. and that is why we cant use El Toro anymore. because of that ass hole.


i mean, how hard is it to follow the rules? we are not telling anything special. simple as it can be. do not enter the prohibited areas. and please, respect others and be a grown up. if its your own pocket money renting the place, thats fine. i wont say shiet. but you have a whole company renting it to provide a venue to experience motorsports. its not for you to fuk around. well, hopefully no one will fuk it up this time.


as i have metioned earlier, unfortunately, it will be drifting only for this event due to venue capacity and course sizes. who will be going? i will try to get as much drivers as possible again.


see you at the event!!


Dai’s Driving Academy 2

past Saturday was Dai’s Driving Academy 2 over at El Toro Field in Irvine, CA. on the way to the venue was raining. not a hard rain but rained for like good 10minutes or so.

先週の土曜日は稲田大二郎氏主催のDai’s Driving Academy 2と言う走行会がアーバインのエルトロで開催されました。行きしなは雨も小降りでしたね。ヒドイ雨ではなかったけど10分ぐらい降ってたかな。

whats for breakfast? of course.


sausage egg muffin with hashbrown in between and orange juice from McDonalds. bought one for Kana-chan and dropped it off at her house too 🙂

マックより、ソーセージエッグマフィンにハッシュブラウン挟んでオレンジジュース。カナちゃんのぶんも買って家に置いて来たよ 🙂

it was cloudy the whole time but guess it was better to have it this way so that the track temperature stayed low. sucked for the vendors though because the booths were flying everywhere… lol our booth almost hit this one car who parked next to our booth.


what i had for lunch? got my self some tacos.


all vendors recieved 4 pieces for free 🙂 thanks Inada-san!! that red sauce was maaad good.

出展者は4個まで無料 🙂 有り難うございます稲田さん!!あの赤いソースが美味かった。

below are shots from the event. i dont think i have all of the drivers though… sorry.




coming sunday, May 3rd is Dai’s Driving Academy. get lessons by Taka Aono and Ross Petty. Drift and Grip course available. venue will be at El Toro field in Irvine. please contact info[at] for more info, or visit 🙂