Thanks Justin!!

Thanks to Justin Fong,

Justin Fong from RL2 just sent me the link for his car’s (2006 Honda Civic Si) coverage on he is one of my sponsored guys out there.


his BRIX II. or was it BRIX II? hahaha i forgot lol

彼のBRIX II。ってかBRIX IIだっけ?忘れちゃったよ何渡したか(笑

he got the rear seats done as well 🙂

後部座席のBRIDE仕様ですねん 🙂

thanks for the shout out Justin!! and special thanks to Urban Racer for his opportunity.

有難うジャスティン!!そしてUrban Racerさんもこの機会を有難うございます。

for more detail articles and pics, please visit th following link.