titanium exhaust

R&D First Step Finished,

good bye my Zee’s exhaust.


any one interested in these? selling it or $500.


as promised, i got my exhaust yesterday for the R&D. actually had to go pick them up. but yea it all good. the exhaust is consists of  piece. and the material is full titanium. such a ritz. soooo light compared to my stainless Zee’s exhaust. btw, its single tip.


while i was installing, this thing came off…


guess it will be fine… right, Adam? its the ground thingy.


struggled with one of the bolts on the flange, but finally here it is.


the road clearance of the piping is much lower. they should shorten the hanger a little more.


its petty loud… lol


will be shooting shots and video soon.


and wash my car.


Test Fitment, Tomei Expreme Ti

image stolen from SPEEDHUNTERS.com 🙂


so, as the title says, i will be testing Tomei’s new Expreme Ti exhaust system. and also that replacing pipe where the cat is so called the test pipe… lol i dont understand why its called as a TEST pipe. heard one of those crazy forum posters made up this name and invaded the place. will be shooting photos and a simple video once i get the pieces going. also be running dyno. i guess, it will be pretty darn loud. since i am getting a new exhaust (good bye my Zee’s exhaust for now), i will be putting back my seats and steering boss and stuff into the car again.

タイトルの通り、東名さんのExpreme Tiのマフラーをテストします。後は触媒の変わりになる直管。ちなみにこの部分、アメリカではテストパイプって呼ばれてます(笑。何がテストなんだって感じだけど。聞いた話によると掲示板なんかで流行ってそのままテストパイプに侵食されたらしい。それはさておき、マフラー入れたら撮影して動画も撮ります。あとはシャシダイにかけて。多分、と言うか絶対に、爆音だなこれ。マフラー変えるって事でシートもボスも元に戻そうと思います。

i should be getting the exhaust today.