Snip Snip,



had a quick shoot yesterday with DJ Benkay. what happened to work? we were closed due to Valentine’s day. yea how romantic is that right? lol hahhaha a day off is a day off. use the open time wisely and productive.

昨日はDJ Benkayとちょっとした撮影がありました。仕事はどうしたんだって?バレンタインなので会社休みだったよ。どんだけロマンティックやねん?笑。休みは休みです。有効に効率よく使わせてもらいました。

went to Torihei afterwards. thanks for the beer Keisuke-kun!! 🙂

その後はとりへいに。ビールご馳走様ですケイスケ君!! 🙂

Jeffy Happy Birthday My Friend,

we were at Torihei for Jeff’s birthday.


happy birthday my friend 🙂

おめでとうマイ・フレンド 🙂

beers and to the usual shochu. didnt know Torihei had shot glasses… lol


way too blurry Shuta-kn lol hahahaha


way too many people went back to Japan. Mabu-kun, Yuji, Mai-chan, Takahito, Masao-kun… the only people that is still here as the Torrance drinking team is Jeff, Shuta-kun, Yushi, and me… lol we were drinking almost every night every weekend at the izakayas and the hostess bars… ahhh good old days. but yea, again, happy birthday Jeffy!!



we went to TORIHEI last night. new place in Torrance, in the plaza behind Mitsuwa Market. the place use to be Cafe Petite, where they closed down like a year ago.


of course, starting off with the beer 🙂

もちろん、まずはビールから 🙂

below is what we ate 🙂

下はウチらが食ったモノ 🙂


with the 3 of us, all these food, and like 3 pitchers, the total bill was around $140 (before tip). not bad. the foods were great too. except for that one ochazuke thing… made me sick… 😦 but hey other then that, goood food 🙂

3人で、こんだけ食って、ピッチャー3個ぐらい開けて、合計は$140ぐらい(チップ加算前)。悪かないね。飯も美味かったし。まぁ、あの某お茶漬けはイマイチだったけどね…気持ち悪くなたよ… 😦 でも他は美味しかったです 🙂


1757 W Carson St.

Suite #A

Torrance, CA 90501