NASCAR-ing with HRE at Bowman Gray Stadium,

OS Giken is a proud sponsor of Hattori Racing Enterprise, #1 Camry and #11 Camry. I have attended the race this past weekend and Bowman Gray Stadium near Charlotte, North Carolina. yeehaw baby!! 🙂 enough talking, and let’s have the photos do the rest. FYI, used equipments are Canon EOS 7D + 70-200mm F2.8L and Leica M8 + Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm F1.4 Single Coat. all photos are edited by Capture One Pro 6.

Whole Lotta Toyotas,

its Toyota Fest again. decent amount of people and lot of faces to catch up with. had a great time today. it was sprinkling though. weather wasnt that great compared to last year….


well, enjoy my quick photo coverage.



Which is More Economical, Prius or the M3?

Prius average, 17.2mpg

M3 is 19.4mpg

depends on how you drive. Hummer probably get a 17.2 lol


Rental Corolla,

went to go pick up a Corolla LE from a rental place.


wifey’s parents were coming from Japan today so i needed a car ASAP. why not wifey’s car? her registration was expired… lol didnt want any extra trouble so decided to go pick one up.


i was pulling the e-brake every parking and turns i make lol


felt so much secure when i got back to my Z.