Treasure Pot

Random Cell Pics from the Weekend,

was at D’s Club for some meeting… Hiro-san gave me lots of DVDs 🙂

D’sクラブにミーティングため居ました…ヒロさんからDVDめっちゃもらった 🙂

of course Video Option because its D’s Club. and some others plus those Japanese race queen DVDs with their hand written autograph 🙂 like i really need them but… lol

D’Sクラブだからもちろんビデオオプション。その他にも色々もらってきた。しかも日本のレースクイーンの直筆サイン入りDVD 🙂 果たしているかいらねぇーってーといらないけどね…笑


went to Treasure Pot again for gooooood Thai foods.



Dior has a small photo exhibition thingy going on at South Coast Plaza.


mmmm cheeeeezy


seriously it is the best Hawaiian food around Gardena.


at Starbucks with Kai. i was writing up a report and he was drawing. mang it was cooooold in there. the stupid air conditioner was freeezing. and out side was humid…


damn i didnt know he draws this good lol


and i went to Porsche Design to pick up my free CD.


on the way, some thing flew onto my front bumper. good thing it wasnt my head lights or those side markers or my front window. they wouldve been expensive it theyd shattered. gotta see if compound will work or not.


yea went to South Coast twice.


not bad i guess. it was a dreamy music compilation.


way back was maaad traffic. complete stop on the 405 freeway.


mang that sucks. but hey, i dont recommend using a paper lol


what did i do on halloween? i watched K1 Max GP.


Treasure Pot Thai Cuisine

we went to Treasure Pot to get some Thai food 🙂 found it at Rogan-san’s blog a while back and i’ve wanted to try it. i’ve only went to the one in Hollywood in that one small plaza. so, it is 🙂 here at Treasure Pot!! o, btw, you can check out Rogan-san’s blog from my blog roll. check it out!! a kool blog of 10 buddies and one model.

トレジャー・ポット言うとこでタイ料理食ってきましたぁ 🙂 ローガンのブログで昔発見してから、行きたいなぁーって思ってました。今までは、ハリウッドの小さいプラザんとこの行ってたんですけどね。ってなわけで :) 来たぜトレジャー・ポット!!あ、そうそう。ローガンのブログは横のブログ・ロールのとこにあるから。チェックしてみてね!!10人の友達と一人のモデルの、なかなか面白いブログだよ。

Treasure Pot Restaurant

8540 E. Alondra Blvd.

Suite B6

Praramount, CA 90723

tel: 562.531.7337

we sat at table #1.


and my Coca Cola glass had a handle.


bad azz shrimps 🙂

超美味なエビちゃん 🙂

and here is what i ordered.


cant remember the name lol i wanted that steamed chicken over rice as usual but they were out 😦 the woman behind me had them… hhahaha i will just go there next time.


above is what Kana-chan got. nice and spicy 🙂

上はカナちゃんがオーダー。辛くて美味い 🙂

and more to come!! desserts now. roti for round one.


and some fried banana round two-ing.


ahhhh nice and full 🙂 stopped by at Starbucks and went home.

いやぁぁぁ食ったね :) 途中、スタバに寄って帰宅。