trouble shooting

Thanks Kent Takagi-san,

last night, Kent came over to help me fix the pc 🙂 thanks!!

昨夜はケントがPC治しに来てくれましたッ 🙂 マジ有り難うッ!!

o yea, went to the gym before.


here is Kent working on it.


it seems like more then single problem. the calendar for the recovery thingy has been all deleted by the virus… i dont have any record, which means i cannot process the recovery treatment. worst case comes, reinstall windows. im just too lazy to re-install all those applications again!! gotta get the crack code for some of the softwares i use too…sigh~ i will probably be joining the mac club soon 🙂 cant stand windows anymore!!

どうやら一個の問題だけでは無いらしい。リカバリー機能のカレンダー覧が全て削除されてるのねウィルスのせいで…何も履歴が無いの、って事はリカバリー処置が取れないと。最悪の場合は面倒だからウィンドウズ入れなおしかぁ。別にイイんだけど、ソフトとか全部入れなおすのが超面倒くさッ!!クラックのコードとかもまた何個かゲットしなきゃいけないし…あぁ…多分来年はクラブ・マックに参加するかな 🙂 もうウィンドウズ俺無理かもッ!!

while Kent was working on my pc, i was taking pictures… lol


thanks to Bun-san for the Kurokirishima 🙂

ブンさん、黒霧島有り難うございます 🙂

i forgot that my VIEWTY can take panorama pics.


and the time was, 2am already.


Auto Run Viruses,

i was fighting with the damn virus the whole day today. revo.exe or something like that. also known as kava, mmvo, revo01, etc. i was trying to fix this piece of shiet problem for more then 6hours now and i can still get it back to work!!! heres my current symptoms:


hard disk drive opens in a new window automatically. setting has not been changed.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER’s hidden and super hidden’s registry number is changed. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’s checkedvalue’s registry number is changed.

attached files cannot be open.


Internet Explorer cannot show the page.


usually passed on through USB… Ryo…? lol hahaha


what i did was restart the windows with safe mode, go in the registry and changed the necessary figures to “1” (why i did this? because the q&a said to lol) and searched for the named files of dll and pf, bat, com etc within C drive, Windows Perfetch, and System 32. out comes? cant find them!!! lol

何をしたかってウィンドウズをセーフモードで起動して、レジストリに入って必要な番号を「1」にして(なんでかって?q&aでやれってあったからw)ウィルス関連のdllやらpfにbatとかをCドライブ上、Windows Perfetch上、それとSystem32上で探してました。結果?見つからないんだよッ!!!!笑

found a lot of Trojan and malwares though. i was able to fix my email and windows live messenger problems finally. but made some stuffs worse… now my C drive doesnt open!! double click and a message pops out saying “please choose a program to open the file”…. shiet lol i can open the HD from windows explorer though. argrhrhhhh…

トロージャンとかマルウェアはイッパイ見つけたけどね。とりあえずEメールの問題とMSNメッセの問題は治りました、やっとの思いで。でもなんか今度は違うところがトんだよね。Cドライブが普通に開かない!!ダブルクリックしたらメッセージで”please choose a program to open the file”って出るんだよねぇ~…チクショウw。HD自体はエクスプローラーから開くんだけどさ。ああぁぁぁぁぁ…

gotta work on it at home too… nooooo i dont want to re-install Windows!!!! 😦

家帰ってからもどにかしないと…ウィンドウズの再インストなんて嫌だぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ!!! 😦