GTI 2009 Plans,

i was planning to sell my car this year… but never mind. hahha. i have a project going on with the car right now. still gathering much money as i could since i am not like Mr. Wang from A.C.E. with the balln’ status lol if he can gimme money, it will be done… hahha. but yea, i am summarizing my 2009 proposal for my new upcoming sponsors 🙂 not gonna write out what i will be actually doing, but here is a simple description of what the goal is.


*Estimated horse power 450hp/推定450馬力

*repaint of the body/ボデーのオールペン

*brake upgrade/ブレーキ強化

*over fender/フェンダーブリスター化

*floor aerodynamic upgrade/フロア下の形状変更

*roll cage/ロールケージ

*sequential shifter (if possibel)/シーケンシャルミッション(可能な場合)

 thats some simple description of the project. plan for the events are some track events, displaying with Auto Concept Elite of course and any other avaiable events. it will be a fun project for the 2009!!

大まかな感じはそんなんです。イベントの予定としてはサーキット走行、Auto Concept Eliteとの車の展示、後は他に何かあれば行く予定です。2009年、ぜってー楽しいよこのプロジェクト!!