Veterans Stadium

Long Beach Antique Flea Market,

went to the flea market again yesterday 🙂

またフリマへ行って来ました昨日 🙂

it was pretty packed today. good thing it didnt rain like last month!!



Antique and Collectibles,

went to the Long Beach flea market this past Sunday. btw i had such a hang over from Saturday night… started from 9pm and ended around 5pm. shiet was gone.. hahha thanks to everyone that came!! 😀

この間の日曜日は久しぶりにロングビーチのフリマへ行って来ました。ちなみに土曜日からのひどい二日酔いでした…午後9時に始まり午前5時に終了。ちょー無理ww。来てくれた皆アリガトウ!! 😀

good thing it wasnt raining when we came.


didnt find the camera i was looking for… 😦

探してたカメラは見つからなかった… 😦

found a lot of toys this time.