Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm F1.4

Michiru, Sample Edit


Leica M8 + Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm f1.4  SC

shooting day with Michiru today.


weather was so fantastic with dull skies and chilly wind… ha!!


first time using the M8… wait, never mind I lied. second time using the M8 for actual sessions. man i love this camera!! shot similar shots with the 1D III but i love the results from the M8.

M8で初めての…いや、待った嘘こいた。撮影で使うのは二階目。やっぱいいねこれ!!1D IIIでも同じ写真撮ったけど、M8の写真の方が好き。


Day One at New Westminster, British Columbia

pretty dope view from Inn at the Quay in New Westminster, British Columbia.

中々の眺め@ニューウェストミンスターBCのInn at the Quay。

let’s take a quick walk around the block.


it’s a business trip but mind as well take advantage on my photograph stuff as well.


will be in Hope, BC from Wednesday.



A Weekend like a Dad,

typical weekend for me. visit my parents and borrow the laundry machine. let Shinka play in the back yard and make her go to sleep early lol


oh btw that’s the grandma in the back.


i’m loving this 12mm ultra wide heliar!!


she learned how to jump.


she got hit by a golf ball… lol


and why did it have to end it with a rain today.



Day 1 with M8,

lens came in (Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm F1.4/Single Coat) and firmware updated to 2.014, i’m ready to enjoy my first Leica and my second range finder experience!! first was my 195 Polaroid Land Camera btw. loving the camera. definitely will be carrying this around with me unlike my 7D.

レンズ(フォクトレンダーのノクトンクラシック35mm F1.4/シングルコート)届いたしファームウェアー2.014にアップしたし、初ライカ楽しむ気満々だぜ!!レンジファインダー自体は2台目。最初は195ポラロイドランドカメラです。素敵やんライカ。確実に持ち歩くね7Dと違って。

gotta need to get use to it day by day.