Fastivus 2012,

went to Fastivus 2012 yesterday. nice weather at Willow Springs “the fastest street on the west”. photos will be published (i hope…)

昨日はFastivus 2012へ行って来ました。「西海岸でもっとも速い道」ことWillow Springsはとても良い天気。写真は近々出版されます(と願う…)

by the way the new R is awesome.


Look What I Found,

searching through facebook and i found the kid who bought my car. still keeping it clean as far as i seen. months ago he told me that the exhaust’s flange broke 😦 that was the only one in the US…

フェイスブックで俺の車買った子を発見したよ。なかなかキレイに乗ってるじゃないの。でもまぁ、数ヶ月前にはマフラー壊したって連絡あったけどね 😦 あれアメリカで一本しか無いのによぉ…

BRIDE Graphic,

another from the good old my VW.


making the BRIDE graphic. what a biyatch it was doing this.



i just remember people were saying my rims were fake TEs lol just because i had it on a VW doesnt mean that its fake. fukn haters.


came out like above. next time i have to do this, i’m painting.