last saturday July 19th 2008 was my friend’s wedding 🙂 MOD was at Cypress, CA. and i had to go back to Torrance to pick up my date for the wedding and went back to Garden Grove afterwards for wedding… hahha what a day. had a great time though of course. the ceremony took place in Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA. such a beautiful place. here is a shot of the inside.



o, hey hey its starting!!


there was a lot more pictures where they ligthen the candles and had a string around them and stuff. but i will skip that for now. sorry iwas too lazy to upload the pictures… hahha but dont worry i will send you the picture Mr. and Mrs.!!


woooohoooo congratulation two of you!!!


it was bright that day. even the suns are praying for their wedding 😉


and now moving to the wedding reception in Waterfront Hotel in Huntington Beach.  with a Phantom? wow hahha baller~


and here we are at the water front hotel. since it was a vallet parking only, me and my other friend went to go look for a street parking. since i took my gti and my friend brought his nsx, we did not want those vallet guys mess’n with our cars. so we were looking for a parking for like 20min… lol and once we stepped in, the reception was already starting. so we ran in. and there we saw a different group’s wedding ceremony lol!!! hahha that was soooo embarassing lol hahha! but yea we are no safe at our arranged table.


the bouquet was really nice with the sunlight.


there was a band playing the whole time. the vocalist was good singing the Earth, Wind Fire’s number.

バンドの生演奏もありました。ボーカルが上手かった。Earth Wind Fireの曲とか歌ってたよ。

and the two has been seated as well 🙂


look at her smile 🙂 she looks sooo happy*


congratulations the two of you!!