Getting Use to the New Job,


typical bathroom shot lol slowly getting use to work. more projects to put my hands on.


i know, i’m lacking my updates. will have more stuffs up to date.


Oh Boy,

Bun-san is sick today and have shiet load of things to do… better keep things organized. well, time for some cigarette break first 🙂

ブンさん体調崩して今日はお休み中でドッサリ来たよこれ… ちゃんと整理しとかないと。まぁ、とりあえずタバコ吸って来ようかね 🙂


Stock Check,

i hate it when some random people call my office and check for stock when they arent even my dealer.

and they act like they know everything but no.

first of all, they dont know how to state their name,

they dont know retail,

they dont know part numbers,

they dont no brakcet types,

they dont know the difference of GRADATION and GRADUATION lol some people do ask for graduation materials. should i hand them a diploma? hahaha