Why a Recliner?

***CR1AGS, CUGA shown***

made a post of why choosing a full bucket before. i understand that not all people desires a full bucket. like i listed on the full bucket post, does not recline, too tight, blah blah blah. that is why we have the recliner models 🙂 feedback earned from the full bucket and the actual race scene, BRIDE recliner is a “Sport Seat” instead of a “Racing Seat”.


so what is the difference between a “Sport seat” and a “Racing seat”. a lot of the people brackets the after market seat with “Racing Seat”. but from my point of view, i do not think so. Racing seat is a full bucket. an actual seat that you can enter time attacks or circuit battels, rally, etc where it requires different criteria to enter the race. i do not mean others are not professional compared to the others. but the inspection for, lets say like the Auto Cross series, is less criteria that you have to pass. You can enter a Auto Cross event with the recliner type seat but you cant enter a time attack event with a recliner seat. that is why i placed it as “Sport seat” instead of “Racing seat”.


it does not mean that these “Sport seat” will not perform the same as the full buckets. all the bolsters are designed under the human ergonomics just like the full bucket but with more paddings and a recliner mechanism added for comfort. it will give you a better control over your steering wheel and less body roll compared to your stock seat. your eye level will be lower compared to the stock seats as well but not as the full bucket series. therefore, if you are in need of some more support, but the full bucket is a too much for you, there is a choice of recliner type seat. it will of course cost a little more then the full bucket, but the comfort and the performance you gain from installing this seat is worth it.