My Seats are Back to Stock,

recently put my stock seats back into the car.


since the wifey is pregnant and she couldnt take the full bucket any more lol


didnt realize how high the stock seats sit. i now barely have some head room…


and plus i feel unsecured and naked now lol


now putting my exhaust back to stock this weekend.


arrr suspension and the LSD is pain in the ass… hahahha


Vroom Vroom

yes, i got the vroom vroom now for my Z. we had the ZEES exhaust laying around in the warhouse for a while and we decided to put that thing in my car. first off, i didnt even understand the meaning of “relocating” te evap canister. once done, it was more like “bending” instead of relocating. thanks to Aerodyne Industry for the help 🙂 i thought i had to extend the lines and everything. but it was easy. since i did not have the hanger puller, ended up yanking the hanger out from the bushing with my foot on the LSD case lol just need a heat shield or a heat bandage to cover some portions, which i have not finished… lol how does the ZEES exhaust sound? it has a deeper note in it, but does not spoil the melody of the VQ35HR. the end is pretty huge with a titanium finish on the tip. now gotta work on some more stuffs to tune the note to the FERRARI note. hahahha

最近ウチのZ子ちゃんにブォンブォンを付けました。モノはZEESさんのです。会社に転がってて、「付けっか」と言う話しになり、装着。もう一年近く倉庫に転がってたんで。US仕様は日本使用と違って右後ろのタイコが来る所になんかフューエルラインとかが来てるとこがあります。色々と聞き回ってて、皆が皆「移動」させる言うてました。てっきりラインとか延長して別に移すのかと思ったら、アルミ版曲げるだけだったw。有難うございますエアロダイン様 🙂 助かりました。後は熱処理をどぅにかするけッスね。まぁ、遮熱版作ってやるか、耐熱テープ巻けば問題なさそうです。タイコもギリで干渉はしてないし。簡単に付いたッスよ。何が大変だったって、ハンガー外しが無かったからデフケースに足置いてブチ抜いてやりましたよ(笑。音はどうかって?音に深みが出ましたね。でもVQの良いところは残してあるって具合です。出口が思ったよりもデカかった。ちなみにテールエンドはチタン処理。さて、お次はどうやってフェラーリな音に近づけるかッスえね。フフフ。

o, gotta wash my car.