ZUICO 28mm F2.8


Buddy Kent bought the OLYMPUS recently.


he bought the E420 with the ZUICO 28mm F2.8 lens. the camera is nice and compact with a lot of features. i like it how the white balance can be adjusted with the temperature within this class range. or am i been lost in the old models? hahaha its only 10mp, but its 10mp. how many people needs an 60mp Phase One digital back? well, i want it, but not necessaryfor me. the contorl buttons are simple and coordinated.

E420とズイコーの28mm F2.8を彼はゲット。このカメラ小さくてなかなか。個人的に好きなのが、このクラス内でホワイトバランスが色温度で調節出来るってのが好き。それとも最近のって全部出来るの?俺って時代遅れもしかして?ww。画素数は10メガピクセル。されど10メガ。一体世の中に何人の人が60メガピクセルのPhase Oneを必要としてるのさ?まぁ、俺欲しいけど。今の自分には必要無いので。コントロール系のボタンもシンプルで使いやすいよ。

now lets compare the camera with my old old, ooold FUJIFILM point & shoot camera. lets how the old COMPACT digital camera is…


lol, that old camera is humongous hahahaha