Welcome 2015, and First Shots with the M8,


happy new year my fellow blog followers, friends and families. i had a great start with taking out the trash during the countdown and watching 2 Broke Girls season 3, in another words, procrastinating all the way. i believe there will be a lot of i-will-lose-my-weight resolutions. mine? i will not change myself from what i was on 11:59 of new years eve being a ass-hole.

ブログ読者の皆さん、友人各位に家族の皆様、明けましておめでとうございます。年末はカウントダウンの最中にゴミ出しをして2 Broke Girlsのシーズン3を見てました。平たく言うと、ゴロゴロしてただけです。多分、今年は絶対痩せます的な抱負がたくさんあると思いますが、自分はと言えば大晦日の11:59の時と変わらない大馬鹿野郎でいたいと思います。

had some Sushi Boy take out and went to my parent’s place to follow the usual tradition. and of course, the energetic monsters wanted to hit the park. and of course daddy brought out my Leica to take the initiation photo of 2015.




monster number 2 wanted daddy instead of the mommy to push her swing. Shino one, Kana zero LOL



and this monster number 1 finally learned how to rock the swing by herself. good job girl.



wishing you all a great healthy and safe sheep year.



    1. Thank you. Indeed M8 is a wonderful camera! I was considering the 8.2 first but didnt want to sacrifice the 1/8000 shutter speed. Plus, M9 and up is by far ou of my budget.


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