I Started Trunk Club,


I recently signed up for my Trunk Club account. You get your personalized stylist that will send you a “trunk” with clothing chosen by that particular stylist. Free shipping both ways, and is not mandatory to purchase the items. You can part it out, purchase all, or return everything. I should be getting a call from my stylist (man it makes it sound like I’m a model or something LOL) soon for a quick consulting.

the 50/50 mission,

boy i’m on a blog role today or what? lol


helping out Ali-san here to spread the words.


currently the 50/50 mission is taking place over at Good Ink Clothing.

Good Ink Clothingで50/50ミッションが行われています。

but what is a 50/50 mission? its simple. you purchase your self a opportunity to make the world better 🙂 and of course the Good Ink Clothing products. every profit they make, 50% will be going to a charity, one shirt at a time. never thought of making donation to any where? now is the time to be a part of it. by the way, i’m ordering the BEWARE t-shirt shown above. who wants to attend sadie hawkins with me!? hahhaha 😛 but yea, lets be a part of this act and contribute to a society.

でも50/50ミッションって何って感じですよね。簡単です。社会貢献のための運動です 🙂 そして、Good Ink Clothingにも貢献されるのですが(笑。Tシャツ一枚、一枚の利益50%を募金すると言ったモノです。募金をしようと思った事はありませんか?今がチャンスでは。ちなみに、上のBEWAREティーシャツ俺買う。お揃いでクラブに行きたいヤツはどいつだッ!?ww 😛 まぁそれはさておき、これを機に社会貢献してみては。

did i sound like an solicitor? lol



Custom Mickey Mouse Tee,

“smile, your on camera!!”

made this a while back at the Disney store online.

Disney storeのオンラインでちょっと前にオリジナル作りました。

Akira-chan said this was fake lol hahaha its genuine!!


Long Beach Antique Flea Market,

went to the flea market again yesterday 🙂

またフリマへ行って来ました昨日 🙂

it was pretty packed today. good thing it didnt rain like last month!!




i was at the LA Convention Center past the weekend.




BARNEYS warehouse sale.


sale sale sale. shiets were still $300 plus lol a jacket caught my interest was $359.99 sale price… 😦 the most expensive one i found was $1095.99… retail was $4500 or something… hahhaha crazy.

セールせーるセーる。それでも訳万以上(笑。イイなぁーと思ったジャケットが3万5千以上だった… 😦 一番高かったので役10万チョイ。もとの定価は45万以上…ww。スゴイね。

hi Rogan-san!! 🙂

o yea btw, the pics are taken by the Sony Cyber shot W220. i founded… lol


Costa Mesa Weekendo,

over the weekend, we went to Costa Mesa.


main reason was to get rid of some of the clotes at Buffalo Exchange at the LAB on Bristol. we did make some $ there 🙂

メインはブリストル沿いにLAB内のバッファローエクスチェンジで洋服を売りに。以外とお金になったよぉ 🙂

and we went to Kouryu finally.



thanks for the address Logan!! and thanks for the cross roads Steve!! 🙂

住所有難うローガン!!そして交差点有難うスティーブ!! 🙂

 and we made a stop at South Coast Plaza. and found this.


mad curvy.