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My name is Shinnosuke. American born Japanese which makes me as a second generation nikkei thingy. And also flavored with some Korean blood. 僕の名前はしんのすけです。アメリカ生まれの日本人で、俗に言う日系2世です。そして韓国人の血も混ざってます。 I'm a random person. 物凄い適当な人間です。 Maybe nice enough to buy you a drink at a club and let you bum off a cigarette off of me. クラブで会ってお酒を奢ってもらえるかもしれません。そしてタバコが無い時に声をかけてくれれば気持ち良くくれるかも。 Maybe such an a** enough to kick you around with a huge smile on me. 時には物凄いクソガキで満面の笑顔で蹴り倒そうとするかもしれません。 Hahha はっはっは Shinnosuke Jon Fujisawa 藤澤ジョン新之助

New Shelving Setup,


Took out my book shelves and my work desk to replace with this fine piece of furniture.



another angle of the top surface.


luckily all my books were stored inside the cabinet. now I still need to work on my garage.



First Bike Ride of 2015,


took her out for a quick spin to start off my bike year. i actually had a faster average speed and did see some improvement of my top speed on a flat ground. good way start my riding life.


Welcome 2015, and First Shots with the M8,


happy new year my fellow blog followers, friends and families. i had a great start with taking out the trash during the countdown and watching 2 Broke Girls season 3, in another words, procrastinating all the way. i believe there will be a lot of i-will-lose-my-weight resolutions. mine? i will not change myself from what i was on 11:59 of new years eve being a ass-hole.

ブログ読者の皆さん、友人各位に家族の皆様、明けましておめでとうございます。年末はカウントダウンの最中にゴミ出しをして2 Broke Girlsのシーズン3を見てました。平たく言うと、ゴロゴロしてただけです。多分、今年は絶対痩せます的な抱負がたくさんあると思いますが、自分はと言えば大晦日の11:59の時と変わらない大馬鹿野郎でいたいと思います。

had some Sushi Boy take out and went to my parent’s place to follow the usual tradition. and of course, the energetic monsters wanted to hit the park. and of course daddy brought out my Leica to take the initiation photo of 2015.




monster number 2 wanted daddy instead of the mommy to push her swing. Shino one, Kana zero LOL



and this monster number 1 finally learned how to rock the swing by herself. good job girl.



wishing you all a great healthy and safe sheep year.




the last play date of 2014. decided to jump on the band wagon with the wifey to check out this play-date thingy. with all the previous business trips, i indeed must act like a dad during my vacation.




3 families including us, plus one more family with a total of 9 kids. result, its tiresome but it was definitely a good way to interact with the kids. not to mention i had a major back pain afterwards but… lol

うちいれて全部で3家族だったところ別家族も合流で子供の合計9人。 結果、めっちゃ疲れましたが子供達とたくさん遊びました。帰りの腰痛が無ければ…笑


found a master of tree-climing.



don’t let go you hand little one.



of course she got arse-bumped after the first push. no pain no gain my dear.


i was surprised to see by how much the two girls have grown up to. on the other hand, i was surprised of how old i was getting. also it was an great occasion to dust off the 1D MkIII.

娘達を見てて成長したんだな〜とちょっとビックリ。逆に、自分の老いにガッカリ。それと1D MkIIIの埃飛ばすのにはうってつけだった。

thanks for the invite wifey.