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Long Day it Was,

woke up 4 in the morning, left the house around 4:30 to be at the office before 5 (which he came late) and drove down to City of Industry for Autocon. my car was to be boothed for BRIDE and WEDS.

4時に起きて、5時集合に間に合わすために4時半には家出て(約一名遅刻しましたが)City of Industryまでレッツらゴー。しんちゃん号はBRIDEとWEDSのブースでの展示。

we we’re waiting at the wrong entrance lol hahha no wonder nobody else was there in the lot.


aaand here we are, in the parking structure underneath.


isnt my car shiny? cleaned it for once 🙂

クルマぴきあってね?洗ったぜ 🙂

thought i was going to get pulled over for that huge LSD letter lol once Non was distributing the OS products, the packages were stuck on customs because of that LSD writing lol


lot of peeps liked this color.


i like my gun metal side SA55M better 😛

俺はガンメタSA55Mの方が好きだな 😛

the booth’s half.


and the other half.



Spocom Long Beach,

was wondering around Long Beach convention center for Spocom today.


thanks for the lens Brian 🙂 damn i want it… lol

レンズ有り難うブライアン 🙂 ちくしょう欲しいぜ…笑

more pics will be up with Auto Import Craze!! i just need the FTP info Edwin… lol



i stopped by at NISEI WEEK past Saturday. special thanks to Edwin at Auto Import Craze, Bernard at D Max, Brian at A.C.E./Highe End, and Ken at Main Stream!! thanks for picking me up in the front 🙂 and Ken-san!! thanks for following my blog 🙂

先週の土曜日はNISEI WEEKへ。スペシャルサンクスAuto Import Crazeのエドウィン、D Maxのベルナルド、A.C.E./High Endのブライアン、そしてMain Streamのケンさん!!表まで向かえに来てくれて有難う 🙂 そしてケンさん!!ブログ読んでいただいてるみたいで、ありがとうです 🙂

took my camera, but too busy talking to people since i’m so famous in the import scene lol hahahaha i’m just kidding 😛 havent seen many of the people so i was busy catching up with them and saying hi and grabbing Justin’s nipples.

カメラ持ってたけど、人と話してるのが忙しかった。だって俺この業界では有名人だし(笑。いやいやいや、冗談ですがな 😛 ただ、色んな人に会ってなかったから挨拶周りとかしてて、ジャスティン坊やの乳首をつまんで遊んでた。

didnt know Shaun and them had our booth lol hahaha thanks for the support Shaun, Charles, and Jason!! 🙂 we appreciate it!! o yea Shaun told me some tall white dude was looking for me. was that you Mike-san!?

ショーンとかがブース出してくれてるなんて知らなかったよ(笑。サポートを有難うショーンとチャールスにジェイソン!! 🙂 めっちゃ感謝してます!!あ、そういえばショーンが言ってたけど、背の高い白人のヤツが俺の事探してたらしい。それってもしかしてマイク!?







the big boss, Sakatani-san.


Mitsubishi Owner’s Day 2009,

yaaay had Monday off 🙂 now, back to schedule.

わぁーい月曜日は休みだったぁ~ :) さて、頑張ります。

past Saturday was MOD, Mitsubishi Owner’s Day at the Mitsubishi head quarter in Cypress.


our booth had two Evos for Monster Sport and HKS Kansai. thanks guys!!


TOMEI brought their Evo X.


i saw Rene’s car next to our booth.


thats it for this year… lol didnt have enough time to take a look around. i had to go west LA for the sale event at QIO. will be updating those pics later on, probably today. but yea, the venue was pretty much packed with of course the Mitsubishi vehicles. Evo 7-9, X, Eclipse, Galant, Pajero, etc etc. wish i could have stayed longer… but to be honest, its the same thing over and over. yea there will be new people registering to place their car with pride. but thats about it. what do they do? chill at the parking lot, chatting with the buddies, go grab some food and get ready for the raffle for freebies. been tired of the car shows lately. whats the fun?


Congrats to ACE!

congrats to Auto Concept Elite for earning the Best Team 3 years in a row!! 🙂

3年連続ベスト・チーム、オートコンセプトエリートにオメデトウ!! 🙂

***photo courtesy of Brian Filoteo***

SPOCOM 2009,

Sunday was SPOCOM over at Long Beach convention center. first didnt have any plan to go visit SPOCOM, but had to. thanks to Edo for leaving his car key. me and my friend had to deliver it to him…  from Torrance, had to go West LA and to Long Beach, back in Torrance, and again to West LA… hahaha since i went, took some pics. found a guy with fake BRIDE.. lol as usual. didnt want him repp’n our name on his roll call… sigh. so i told the judge, “that’s fake, you should deduct some points off for me” lol well, here’s some random, random pics.


the good old Richard’s SUPRA.


thanks to APEX’i for giving us a pretty nice place 🙂

アペックスの皆さんに感謝です、あんなイイとこもらっちゃって 🙂

JR, where’s your graphics?


i tried using my speedlite… lol


sorry Ken-chan, your drift car looks like a toy lol hahahaha


Mr. Warner Yang looking sexy as usual.


this Z34 looks familiar, doesnt it Jason-san? lol


woohoo repp’n LOT USA 🙂

おっほぉぉぉLOT USAじゃん 🙂

wish i could afford that paint… lol


my SIGMA 50mm F1.4 EX takes toy like pics of the cars at F1.6… lol


hey Nat, hurry and upload your iPhone pics from the bbq so i could jack them.


i was surprised that REDLINE Tima Attack was here.


nice job Lyle!


love that color.


here’s my big dick spulling at the chicks.. naw, j/k


cool beemer. only if he had another seat. those are copy of our seat.


hi Hiro-kun!!


thats my CC Lemon Mai-chan…


Congrats A.C.E.

she dirty licking the stick like that… 🙂

エロいねぇーそんな棒なんか舐めちゃって… 🙂

***photo courtesy of Brian***

forgot to post this… congrats to Auto Concept Elite at HIN Angel Staium Anaheim 🙂


Mini Corvette,

Nick had a kick azz pimp mobile, the full carbon fiber Corvette.


and look, it got BRIDE seats 🙂

見て見て、BRIDEのシートなんだよ 🙂

is that a EXAS III hyper red?? lol hahahaha

これって、EXAS IIIのハイパーレッド?www

i test drove it, though…


i barely fit lol hahahaha


I was at HIN,

now is some more snap shots of the people.


here’s the link to snapshots of the cars.


I was at Hot Import Nights,

March 14th was Hot Import Nights. which was held at Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim California. dont know why they’d call HIN “LA” with the venue in “Anaheim” but who cares. if  Joser didnt tell me it was gonna be at Angel’s Stadium, i wouldve went to the LA convention center. thanks, Joser… lol hahah

3月の14日はHot Import Nightでした。今回はちょっと変わって、場所はアナハイムにあるエンジェルすスタジアム。なんでHIN「LA」って言ってたのかわかんないけどね「アナハイム」なのに。まぁ、どうでもイイんだけどさ。友達のホゼぃがエンジェルススタジアムだよ今回って言われてなかったら、毎年のようにLAのコンベンションセンターに行ってるとこだったよ。アリガトウ、ホゼィ…笑

i was walking around with my new Sigma 50mm i just bought. forgot my speedlite though.. hahha oh well. its all good. left the venue while it was bright since i had a meeting to catch on that night for Tokyo Night. following are some random snap shots of the cars.


gonna upload some of the oobies next time.


its almost 1:30am…




IAS Long Time Ago

heres a pic i found from International Auto Salon 200…. two thousand… hmm cant quite remember. was it 2003? dont remember… yea Enonvativ use to distribute OS Giken. hahaha that was long time ago. picture with Nancy (to the left) and Yuki ( to the right)


ZELE 370Z, Corolla Super GT

got some flicks from Tokyo Auto Salon 2009. thanks to Eiji-san from Tomei USA 🙂

東京オートサロン2009の写真を東名のエイジさんから頂きましたぁ 🙂

370Z is not my date… hmmm made be for a one-night-stand?



Corol0la Super GT? GT300 class? gotta keep my eyes on it!!


DC2 Integra, ACURA

i was flipping through my hard drive and found the pics below. my high school pimp car, the Acura Integra (LS, yea the no VTEC model). BOMEX full kit, VEILSIDE (wtf is Veilside doing with BOMEX? lol) type2 GT Wing, some used random ENKEI rims, shop’s original exhaust, TEIN springs, CUSCO bushings, black lights and HID… hahaha yea i was only in high school that time and had no money at all. lot of people new about this car in my high school. people wanted for a ride and etc. hahaha. the venue was at NISSEI WEEK back in 2002. wow 6 years ago. btw, this was the first and last show with this car since i totaled it. gotta look for those pics… i was with Team Insight to display the car at NISSEI WEEK. met a lot of new people and still keep in touch with them. well, just wanted to share the pics of my old buddy 🙂

ハードの中を色々と物色してたら下の写真みたぃなのがイッパイ出てきたよ。高校ん時の愛車、アキュラ(アメリカではDC2はホンダではなく、アキュラブランドでした)インテグラ。モデルはLS、VTECの無いモデルですね。BOMEXのフルエアロにVEILSIDE(ナゼにこのコンビだったかは聞かないで(笑)のバージョン2GTウィング、なんか中古でもらったENKEIの古いモデルにお店のオリジナルマフラー、テインのバネにクスコのブッシュ類とブラックライトにHID…笑。お金無かったんですよ当時は高校生だったもんで。結構有名だったんだよコレ。皆乗せて乗せてってw。写真のイベントはNISSEI WEEKです。2002年と、なんと6年も前。ちなみに、インテグラで展示会はこれで最初で最後になりました。廃車になっちゃったんで。そん時の写真も探さないと…。こん時はチーム・インサイトと一緒でした。色々な人達と出会い、今でも何人かは頻繁に連絡を取っています。まぁ、せっかくなんでブログにアップしようかと思って、当時の愛車を 🙂