Racing Stripes,

Day… 5? And wifey, already got a new racing stripe on the Sienna… lol


Coloring is inspired by Ferrari Stradales??


What Happens to Fake Shiets After a While,

heres what happened to those fake shiets after a while.


who ever purchased these, remember that our spare parts wont fit.


contact who ever made these fake-ass.


Dragon Ball Evolution,

barrowed the image from

i recently watched Dragon Ball Evolution. didnt like it at all. Chichi and Bulma was hot. and thats it. nothing but a horrible remake of the legendary Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. i grew up with Dragon Ball. stories were mixed and matched. i dont know why a white dude (not being racist or anything) is being Goku. why did Picolo had a little armory shiet on him? wth is Yamcha doing? lol the movie was phrased as “a Dragon Ball you have never seen”. duhhhh i’ve never seen a Dragon Ball like this!! FAIL!!! its more like Star Wars Evolution.


Alliance Racing Seat,

Adam over at Z1 sent me this link from

Alliance Racing Seat. heres a image of the rear shot of the shell.

looks like the GIAS/STRADIA dont they. hahha how they manufactured the sides and the bracket to connect the top and bottom looks similar. next picture is the front shot.

the side bolster looks like a ERGO II. the logo is crooked. well, its proto type.

thats what she said.

so, they decided to mix the two seat and try to become a “new” made in god knows where seat?? (like Adam said) and trying to have it FIA certified?? with a recliner?? lol ironic, it is.

its funny that the poster mentioned “Low Max” in the post on describing the seat. 

FAIL!!! stupid copy cats.

below is the link to the post on the forum.

Lexus 300 Modena

came across to this guy on Torrance Blvd.


a LEXUS IS300 with a TRD emblem… and… what the…


let me get a closer look…


a horse…?


hahahahaha Ferrari LOOK emblem lol



one of my customers emailed me today to verify the seat.

another FAKE on

o, heres the link.


Q:  You say this seat weights 17kg or 38 lbs. Is that correct? I’ve heard these seats weigh less? Thanks
Hello, yes that is correct. These are the numbers that bride gave us, thank you.
Q:  I’m looking for a black gradation or blue? Can you get blue?
Hello, I am sorry we don’t have blue. Thank you.
  Q:  Hello, I am interested in either two of the Red Cuga or Gias Kevlar Gradation. If these are made in Japan and not Taiwan, why is item location in Taiwan…more
Hello, the item location is in Taiwan because we are located in taiwan and we purchased them from Japan. A normal racing seats consist of three things,…more
Q:  Hi, I might be interested in the Bride seat seat you are selling. Do you have a Gias Low Max, black with gradiation, standard cushion? If so, how…more
This auction is the Black with Gradiation GIAS seat. Are you looking for Gias Sports with full blacjk and red stitching? Shipping would take approx 10-15…more


dude, the first question about the weight, that is NOT correct you stupid eBay seller mothafacka. even with  the box is 34lbs. the actual seat’s weight is less then 30. your shiz weighs a lot cuz its a fake!!! what evers BRAKESTOP 101.

it just pisses me off that some people do attend car shows with fake shiz. and the judges dont even know lol wtf is up with that? not gonna mention any names but…  dude, and they claim its JDM. now mang those are not JDM. TRD right there. Taiwan’s Research & Duplicate. i’m not being racist ok? its just that, in this industry lot of the fake stuffs gets imported from Taiwan. no harm! i love Taiwanese people!! my ex was Taiwanese hahaha

Shrimp Chip, Mailed Out

the other day, i was shooting some random stuffs for work. like, caps, zippo lighters and etc stuffs. while i was eating my shrimp chips, i took a shot of that too. thought i would post it up on my blog later on. because i was using my SLR for the product shots with RAW file, the sizes came up to be pretty darn huge. had to resize them to send it to my customer. and of course resized the shrimp chip shot as well for later on use.  and heres some of the shots i took. not bad. hahha


and saved it into one single folder and zipped it. ready to be sent.


and i forgot to take out the shrimp chip.


sorry Alex, i didnt mean to send the shrimp chip to you!!


i failed 😦

失敗したねコリャ 😦


couple days ago, i came home all drunk. next day i woke and i see my VIEWTY broken!!


wtf mang… lost the spring that was in there too… FAIL. now the dial part does not work… what a grungy cell phone it is now 😦 hmmm… gotta find a way to fix this. it was not cheap at all. for now, i’m using what i used for work. SOFTBANK X01HT. yea another JDM windows mobile. i hate this phone… oh well better then nothing. Brian keeps telling me to get the iPhone lol i dont want iPhone though… so many people has it. imma be a rebel Brian. hahahaha!!

なんなんだよチクショウ…なんかバネが入ってたんだけど、それも失くしちゃった…欠乏です。なんてみすぼらしい携帯になってしまった事でしょう 😦 とにかく、どぅにかして直さなければ。安くなかったんだし。今は、会社で使ってたソフトバンクのX01HT。うん、ウィンドウズ携帯です。これ、好きくない…まぁ無いよりはマシだからしゃーなぃけど。ブライアンがいっつもiPhone買えって言うんだけど(笑。俺は欲しくない…皆持ってるんだもん。俺は謀反人になってやるぞブライアン。ぬぁははは!!


i received a letter which was attn: my name. “Shinnosuke Jon Fujisawa”. NOT “Shino Sujisawa” damn wtf? and dude, i didnt even request that thing!! Sujisawa? i had this attn: Shino Sujisawa mail couple times now, working here… hahhaha people always have mis-spelled my name. specially at starbucks. i’ve clearly stated my name “SHINO” and now my coffee light frap no whip has CHINO… hey hey? all asians might look the same to the blondes that works at starbucks, but no i aint a Chino. i’m Japanese… 😦 some other time was SHION. the worst was from FIDM (that one art school in LA) it said, “Shinante Fujisana” and they did call me SHINANTE over the phone. wtf mang… dont re-design my name… SHINANTE sounds cool but, no!!!

会社に手紙が届きました。宛先がShinnosuke Jon Fujisawaでは無く、Shino Sujisawaになってました。オイ?スジってお前俺の名前がめっちゃ下ネタみたぃになってるやん。しかも、頼んでねぇーしこの手紙!!っつぅーかSujisawaて。会社で働き始めてから結構あるんだよねこぅ言った間違い…w。良く綴りを間違われるのはなんでなんだろう。特にスタバ。完璧にSHINOって言うたんよ?俺のコーヒーライトフラパチーノ、クリーム無しちゃんにはCHINOって書いてあった…オイオイ?スタバで働いてるパッキンにはアジア人が全部同じに見えるかもしれなぃけど、俺は中国人では無い。日本人なんです… 😦 違う時はSHIONとかもあったよ。少女漫画の主人公か。その中でもやっぱ一番ヒドかったのはFIDM(LAにあるアート系の専門学校)からですね。SHINANTE FUJISANAになってたよ。しかも、電話でSHINANTE様は御在宅でしょうか?なんて言われた。俺の名前を勝手にデザインするなっての…SHINANTEって響きは正直嫌いじゃなぃえど、でも違うぞ!!!