Racing Stripes,

Day… 5? And wifey, already got a new racing stripe on the Sienna… lol


Coloring is inspired by Ferrari Stradales??


What Happens to Fake Shiets After a While,

heres what happened to those fake shiets after a while.


who ever purchased these, remember that our spare parts wont fit.


contact who ever made these fake-ass.


Dragon Ball Evolution,

barrowed the image from

i recently watched Dragon Ball Evolution. didnt like it at all. Chichi and Bulma was hot. and thats it. nothing but a horrible remake of the legendary Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. i grew up with Dragon Ball. stories were mixed and matched. i dont know why a white dude (not being racist or anything) is being Goku. why did Picolo had a little armory shiet on him? wth is Yamcha doing? lol the movie was phrased as “a Dragon Ball you have never seen”. duhhhh i’ve never seen a Dragon Ball like this!! FAIL!!! its more like Star Wars Evolution.


Alliance Racing Seat,

Adam over at Z1 sent me this link from

Alliance Racing Seat. heres a image of the rear shot of the shell.

looks like the GIAS/STRADIA dont they. hahha how they manufactured the sides and the bracket to connect the top and bottom looks similar. next picture is the front shot.

the side bolster looks like a ERGO II. the logo is crooked. well, its proto type.

thats what she said.

so, they decided to mix the two seat and try to become a “new” made in god knows where seat?? (like Adam said) and trying to have it FIA certified?? with a recliner?? lol ironic, it is.

its funny that the poster mentioned “Low Max” in the post on describing the seat. 

FAIL!!! stupid copy cats.

below is the link to the post on the forum.